90 Day Fiancé: Are Angela Deem And Michael Ilesanmi Still Together?

90 Day Fiancé: Are Angela Deem And Michael Ilesanmi Still Together?

Angela Deem is undoubtedly one of the most controversial members to come out of 90 Day Fiance. As a result, no matter how many people disapprove of her, they continue to follow her on Instagram. However, not all of her posts are problematic. That’s because the TV star just shared a funny clip in which she looks very different from her usual self.

Angela Deem’s journey on 90 Day Fiance began when she met Michael Ilesanmi from Nigeria. Apparently, viewers blamed the former for being very domineering and maintaining double standards. Despite this, the couple tied the knot in the man’s home country.

Since then, many drastic developments have taken place in their lives, especially in Angela’s. It turns out that she stunned 90 Day Fiance fans by undergoing several surgeries to look young.

However, now it seems that the American woman has focused on her fashion sense. So, she debuted a new look on her Instagram profile. It seems that she wore a blue mock neck dress that showed off her arms. Moreover, she also wore some gold jewelry to complete the look. Thus, 90 Day Fiance fans noticed that she looked different than usual. In fact, her face also looked quite radiant compared to when she had just finished her surgery.

90 Day Fiancé: Are Angela Deem And Michael Ilesanmi Still Together?

Angela Deem And Michael Ilesanmi were married in his home country of Nigeria. Despite this, the former could not bring him to America due to the onset of the pandemic. In addition, the couple had a long-distance relationship after their marriage, as the latter returned to the United States. After this, the couple had not been in contact with each other in person. Moreover, viewers would disapprove of the 55-year-old for partying with people and flirting with his surgeon on social media and in person. This year, the stranger finally made his debut on Instagram, as he previously shared the account with his wife.

So, this made the fanbase believe that the couple has separated. In fact, many of them had already predicted that they wouldn’t last long. Soon, a Redditor took note that the Georgia native had liked one of her comments on his post about their breakup. Although both of them have not addressed the issue publicly, viewers think that it is now certain that the couple is no longer together.

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