90 Day Fiancé: Brittany Banks has an accident.

90 Day Fiancé: Brittany Banks has an accident.

90 Day Fiancé spoilers reveal that Brittany Banks was on a date with the new guy she’s dating, Justin, a childhood friend who came all the way from Canada to see her, when disaster struck, she had an accident.

It looked like they were doing ATVs when Brittany Banks suddenly went into the water and then all of a sudden we hear her sobbing, “It hurts,” so by the end of the clip we don’t really know what happened.

And so far, Brittany Banks’s social media hasn’t helped because there is literally nothing about her incident, at least not on her IG page recently.

Sure, this was probably all filmed last year, so maybe there wouldn’t be anything, but she should know that fans of the show are wondering what the hell happened.

90 Day Fiancé: Brittany Banks has an accident.

What we do know is that this incident ruined what otherwise would have been a nice date. It started with Brittany Banks and Justin spending the night together – however she says they didn’t do the deed, and the only guy she did it with on the first date was her ex-husband, since Brittany Banks doesn’t seem to be in the market to settle down anytime soon I think it’s safe to say she might be telling the truth here.

She and Justin got ready for their day and that’s when we found out that Brittany Banks, despite looking like a total barbie, actually likes to go out and be active on dates, go to the shooting range and do really macho activities. This time it was all about riding four-wheelers.

It was interesting to see Brittany Banks go from a total Barbie to a really strong and capable woman, and in all honesty it was a fantastic transformation. Justin told her that it seemed like her guard was still up from her last relationship, and it was, but that’s okay.

She has every right to be suspicious since her last relationship went bad, and unlike Yazan, there is no time limit with Justin, no pressure, so she can take her time to get to know him and feel comfortable with him.

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