90 Day Fiance: Chuck Potthast’s Brand New Girlfriend Revealed

90 Day Fiance: Chuck Potthast’s Brand New Girlfriend Revealed

Chuck Potthast first gained fame on the show 90 Day Fiance when he appeared in Libby and Andrei Castravet’s storyline. He supported the couple and won over many fans. People grew attached to him and wanted to know more about his life.

Fans recently found out that Chuck’s life has changed a lot. He is no longer single and has a new girlfriend who is much younger than him. Fans are curious to know more about Chuck’s new partner.

Fans Rejoice as Chuck Potthast Debuts New Relationship with Leanne Lamson, Proving Love Knows No Age

Chuck Potthast was previously married to Pamela, but they separated. Since then, Chuck has been single, focusing on his family and business. He also faced a tough battle with Cancer but managed to beat it. He has always been supportive of his daughters and built a successful business for them.

His daughters wanted to see him find love again, so they helped him with his dating profile and set him up on dates. Fans had hoped to see Chuck on The Single Life, and now it seems he has found someone special.

Fans were happy to see Chuck Potthast with a new woman who is younger than him. Her name is Leanne Lamson, and she posted a picture of them together. Chuck and Leanne seemed to enjoy each other’s company, and Chuck complimented her beauty. It looks like love is in the air for Chuck!

What Do We Know About Chuck Potthast’s New Lady On 90 Day Fiance?

Chuck Potthast has a new girlfriend, Leanne Lamson. She describes herself as a public figure on social media. Her bio shows she loves God, values her family the most, enjoys being creative, and likes decorating. She also links to her TikTok profile.

Leanne Lamson appeared in TLC scenes with Chuck Potthast, and they both seemed to have fun. She doesn’t share much on her Facebook profile, possibly to avoid spoilers and unwanted attention, especially now that she’s with Chuck. Some of her photos are tagged in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, suggesting she lives there.

@leewithblueeyes #90daydiaries #90dayfiance #tlc #filming #filmingwithchuck ♬ Blue – Zach Bryan

One concern is that she actively updates her TikTok and calls herself a public figure on Instagram, raising the possibility she’s using Chuck for attention and to boost her social media presence. Another concern is she posts many provocative videos online.

Fans of 90 Day Fiance might be happy for Chuck Potthast, but they wouldn’t want to see him taken advantage of by a younger woman seeking attention. It’s worth keeping an eye on this situation to see what happens next.

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