90 Day Fiance: David Murphey Hasn’t Met Lana Since The Filming Ended

90 Day Fiance: David Murphey Hasn’t Met Lana Since The Filming Ended

David Murphey and Lana from 90 Day Fiance season 4 were a strange couple. From what seemed like a catfishing scandal at first to getting engaged later, David and Lana had an intriguing relationship on reality TV. Since then, fans have been wondering if they will see the pair again on the franchise.

From David’s latest social media update, it seems the couple’s fans are in luck. When a viewer asked him about an RV, David Murphey said he can’t reveal too many details because it goes on a show. Was he talking about 90 Day Fiance: For the 90 days?

90 Day Fiance: David Murphey Hasn’t Met Lana Since The Filming Ended

Lana is in Ukraine and David Murphey couldn’t visit her as planned because of the pandemic. Although the travel restrictions prevented them from meeting, it is uncertain if they are engaged.

A fan even asked David Murphey if Lana was only in the US for the show. He said they don’t currently process K1 visas in the US. He did say that she applied for a tourist visa. He added that in a few months it will be clear whether or not she is coming.

If they put their relationship status aside for a moment, will Lana come to the U.S. to film another 90 Day Fiance season? David Murphey revealed that Lana has an Instagram page. A while back, he also tried to convince her to get a Cameo account. This means that the couple is on speaking terms.

But in a Strikes Back episode, he said things weren’t that great between them. He updated the fans and said they haven’t officially split up yet. But if he keeps feeling that Lana doesn’t want him as much as he wants her, he’s going to look somewhere else.

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  1. this information is not true I saw david and lana from 90 day fiance like 2 months ago at ralps in margarita parkway in lake forest they were together shopping around I was so exited but I did not ask for a photo I was so shy to ask

  2. David is a hopeless & delusional idiot for thinking he EVER had a shot @ a real relationship w Lana .
    Then for the entire season he mocked everyone else for telling him the truth which he steadfastly SIMPLY REFUSED 2 BELIEVE ! What a loser.
    So frustratingly sad 2 watch. He has so much potential.

  3. David is a handsome, smart, kind, generous guy. Bless his heart- the heart wants what the heart wants and it sometimes takes a while to convince yourself that a relationship isn’t working. When you get tired if looking overseas I’m sure there is a great lady in America waiting to make you happy.

  4. @Sara Castro, If i were you i would of had asked them for a photo with them, you know how much $$$$$ that photo will cost at the end of the 90 days fiance program? I would of had left the ashamed sitting in a bench and would of had asked them for that photo

  5. Lana is already married with a son. The site her profile is on is just a job. It’s the same as those hot singles in your area sites

  6. David is a pathetic desperate man. Never in my life have I seen or met a man like him. He deserves Lana to use him for everything he has. That is what he shows us. Cheers to Lana!

  7. @Sara Castro, that was ME with David, not Lana. Lol Dave is my brother. We were in CA visiting our father who lives near there. Thanks for the compliment though.

  8. David seems like a nice guy, but he is delusional where Lana is concerned. Watching the show, she does seem to be in it for the money. I didn’t really see any chemistry, and why or not shy, her body language tells a completely different story. Maybe one day when he comes to his senses or runs out of money, he will stop chasing the unreachable conquest.

  9. He’s just one of thousands of men who desperately look for these over seas girls. They are buying fake love. It’s a job for these girls and a stepping stone to get their Visa into the US. It’s sad to watch someone be so desperate and clueless .

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