90 Day Fiance: Fans Say Jihoon Lee Needs to Do More

90 Day Fiance: Fans Say Jihoon Lee Needs to Do More

90 Day Fiance star Jihoon Lee was told he has to fight for his son, Taeyang Scuti Lee, and it’s the fans that excite him not to give up. He has worked hard to take care of his son. However, it seems that some fans think that Jihoon doesn’t do enough to be reunited with his child.

Jihoon hasn’t seen his son for a long time since his wife Deavan left him. But that hasn’t stopped him from trying to be a father to Taeyang Lee. The 90 Day Fiance daddy says he wants to take care of his child and make sure he has everything he needs. He even tried to send clothes to Taeyang. But he said Deavan Clegg won’t tell him her address. Even though he knows little about the whereabouts of his son, Jihoon tries to stay positive and hopeful that he will see Taeyang again.

It is clear that the 90 Day Fiance reality TV star misses his son. Jihoon has been open about how he feels about the situation. He recently shared a picture of his mother holding Taeyang. He said, “When can I see you again?” It doesn’t look like Deavan Clegg is planning to return to South Korea or show Jihoon Taeyang soon.

90 Day Fiance: Fans Say Jihoon Lee Needs to Do More

Jihoon seems to be doing what he can under the circumstances. However, some 90 Day Fiance fans feel he should do more. One fan said a father would “be on the phone and book a ticket” instead of posting on social media. Another fan said it’s not Deavan Clegg’s responsibility to bring Taeyang Scuti Lee to South Korea. According to the fan, it is Jihoon’s responsibility to pay for the plane tickets and hope to see his son in a plane.

On the other hand, many 90 Day Fiance viewers take Jihoon’s side. These fans hope that he will see his child soon. One fan thought the situation was “heartbreaking”. One fan said that “it’s not right” that Deavan Clegg “keeps Clegg Taeyang” for him. Another fan told Jihoon to keep his head up. Many fans told Jihoon Lee to “fight for your son. And that as Taeyang’s father, he has parental rights.

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