90 Day Fiance: How did Ashley Martson take Jay Smith back?

90 Day Fiance: How did Ashley Martson take Jay Smith back?

Jay Smith and Ashley Martson from 90 Day Fiance went through all this. They broke up, got back together and broke up again. Their relationship has been a roller coaster ride since they got married. Now they’re back together and they say they’re happier than ever.

When they first announced the news, the fans were a bit confused because Ashley Martson went through so much trouble with Smith. But now, she’s explaining how she got back with Smith.

90 Day Fiance: What happened between Jay and Ashley?

Martson and Smith met when she was on vacation in Jamaica. The two had an immediate connection. Although Smith was only 19 when they met, Martson decided that she wanted to marry him and bring him back to the United States. Unfortunately, Ashley Martson eventually found out that Smith had used Tinder while he was at work to meet women and invite them.

At first Ashley Martson stayed with him, but after word of other cheaters spread, he had to give up.

“I’m a great believer in following your heart, and it’s true that I got Jay back again,” he told In Touch when they broke up. “I know people will judge me, and even though I can accept it, in the end it was my decision. However, what my friend says turned out to be true, and Jay himself confirmed over the phone that he has another girl who claims to have gotten her pregnant. He said he doesn’t believe her, but that they’re going to give her a test and, whatever it is, it’s clear that she cheated on me.

“I’m upset again and I’m picking up the pieces and doing my best to move on,” he continued. I know it’s all my fault for the situation I’m in again”. It’s nobody’s fault but mine”. I can safely say that I’m done with Jay once and for all”.

90 Day Fiance: How did Ashley Martson take Jay Smith back?

In a new video on YouTube, Ashley Martson and Smith explained how they got back together and overcame Smith’s transgressions.

“I feel like if you have problems in your marriage or relationship and you choose to try again, you have to tell yourself, before you go back into that relationship, that ‘the past is the past’,” Martson said. “You chose to forgive them for what they did in the past.”

“So you have to remember that, because obviously our mind wonders about things and we just have to say to ourselves, ‘Hey, listen. You’ve forgiven. So, the past is the past.”

And Smith was also determined to fight for his relationship with Martson.

“At the end of the day I came here for her,” he said to the camera. “I don’t want to come to America and be with someone else. I want to be with her.” So, I chose to fight for my relationship because I want to be a part of her life, I want to be there for her hard times and I want to be there for my hard times too”.

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