90 Day Fiance: How Is Tiffany Franco Doing Now?

90 Day Fiance: How Is Tiffany Franco Doing Now?

Tiffany Franco has been living it up lately as she has been living alone again after a dramatic separation from her estranged husband Ronald Smith. The gorgeous 90 Day Fiance star has recently lost at least 50 pounds following weight loss surgery and every picture she shares lately has fans raving about her new, slimmer figure.

However, a picture recently shared by her mother has 90 Day Fiance fans even more talking, as the mother-daughter duo are seemingly radiant and could easily be mistaken for sisters.

Tiffany’s mom recently celebrated her 47th birthday and can be said to look like she has found the fountain of youth. When friends and family offered their birthday wishes, even more compliments came in as the resemblance between Margarita and Tiffany Franco is undeniable. They look very similar, but she doesn’t look nearly old enough to be Tiffany’s mother.

And it seems Tiffany Franco’s mother is aware of how similar they look. She wrote: ”omg yes we do look alike In a weird way but I know we do.”

90 Day Fiance: How Is Tiffany Franco Doing Now?

The comparison between Tiffany Franco and her mother is just the latest as fans of 90 Day Fiance take note of her recent shine assignment. Tiffany Franco took a lot of criticism after the last 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Tell All, when viewers noticed that she had put on a little weight. But now that she has moved on from Ronald and started working on herself, even undergoing weight loss surgery, fans of the show have taken notice.

In fact, they couldn’t stop sharing compliments after he shared a picture for Halloween. Tiffany Franco has even said that she “feels amazing” after losing 50 pounds. And while she’s still rocking those cold-shoulder tops that 90 Day Fiance viewers seem to hate, there’s no denying that she looks as amazing as she feels.

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