90 Day Fiance: Is Natalie Mordovtseva Still Relying on Josh’s Financial Support to Survive in America?

90 Day Fiance: Is Natalie Mordovtseva Still Relying on Josh's Financial Support to Survive in America?

In a recent revelation, a fan disclosed Natalie Mordovtseva’s tough financial situation. Accused of being her sugar daddy, Josh Weinstein faced the heat. Natalie’s dream was to shine in Hollywood when she arrived in America at 36.

Unfortunately, Mike Youngquist shattered her Hollywood dreams in small-town Sequim. Natalie left Mike and found Josh in Florida at a casting event. She relocated to California in 2023, but her Hollywood dream dimmed.

At the ’90 Day: The Single Life Tell All,’ Natalie expressed her loneliness in Los Angeles. Despite her efforts, she struggled to find work opportunities.

Natalie chased her American dreams but found no success. Josh wasn’t ready for commitment or a baby with Natalie. He brushed off her requests for exclusivity.

How Natalie Mordovtseva Turned Her Life Around After a Challenging Breakup

During a recent 90 Day Fiance Tell All, Natalie Mordovtseva faced accusations of being Josh’s sugar baby. Josh provided her a place to stay, helped her in expensive Los Angeles, and gifted her a costly car. Natalie enjoyed the privileges her relationship brought her.

Josh’s co-workers disclosed transfers made to Natalie’s account. This confirmed Josh’s efforts to sustain Natalie’s lifestyle. After their breakup, Natalie admitted feeling alone, broke, and homeless.

A fan reported seeing Natalie in a difficult situation. She sold her MacBook and a ring from Mike for money. Natalie mentioned not receiving support as Josh was helping his injured son.

Natalie now works independently and shares modeling photos. It appears she’s no longer unemployed, possibly due to Josh’s involvement.

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Written by Tommy Kilmer

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