90 Day Fiance: Karine Martins And Paul Staehle Are Headed To Court.

90 Day Fiance: Karine Martins And Paul Staehle Are Headed To Court.

The drama of Paul Staehle and Karine Martins will continue next week because the 90 Day Fiance couple is expected in court.

Fans of the TLC show learned that Paul and Karine were facing some serious marital problems in real time when Paul went live on Facebook during their last dispute. In the video seen by thousands of 90 Day Fiance fans, police showed up at the Staehle residence in Kentucky after Karine asked for help.

90 Day Fiance: Karine Martins and Paul Staehle At Odds Again

While on Instagram Live with police at their home, Paul Staehle announced that Karine Martins is bipolar and that she attacked him. Paul also told everyone watching him that he installed cameras throughout the house in an attempt to protect himself from her alleged abuse.

He also told officers that Karine is pregnant, confirming this 90 Day Fiance spoiler that Monsters & Critics reported in May.

Paul Staehle accused Karine Martins of threatening to take her son Pierre and return to Brazil, which he would not allow. He also said Karine had cheated on him and in a later video, he said he was diagnosed with an STD (although he did not reveal which one) and claimed he had never cheated on his wife.

Karine Martins ended up leaving Paul Staehle and filed a restraining order to keep him away from herself and Pierre. After Paul Staehle told his Instagram followers that Karine had disappeared and asked them to call the sheriff’s department if they knew where she was, she spoke to let everyone know that she had not actually disappeared and that law enforcement knew where to find her if they needed her.

After the emergency protection order was filed, Paul Staehle posted screenshots of the chilling accusations Karine Martins made on social media before she deleted everything.

90 Day Fiance: Karine Martins And Paul Staehle Are Headed To Court.

After the big outburst, Karine and Paul have their day in court. In fact, it will be on the market soon.

Documents obtained exclusively by Monsters & Critics show that the 90 Day Fiance couple have a court date before August 11 for the restraining order filed by Karine Martins.

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  1. She needs to leave him and head back home to her security l, which is her family. Paul is the unstable one and is bipolar. Hence his trouble with the law over a past relationship. Dude has issues and even his mother knows, that’s why he couldn’t stay with her. She rather pay for her grandchild to stay in a motel than stay with her. He has issues.

  2. That poor girl you are such an idiot that you could even keep a 3rd world person happy in America you should not been allowed to have a child with this person you are too stupid of a human she should get Stay here and you should go back!

  3. So he has money to pay for cameras throughout the house but never has money for necessities. This guy is bat crap crazy.
    I absolutely understand his mother practicing tough love, I would do the same. I do believe there is an opportunity for his mother to help Karine and Pierre. Karine is in a foreign land without her usual family support, his mother could be that support while still requiring Paul to grow up and man up.

  4. I don’t know why mom said what she said just go to the corner and get the milk and not a problem because we already had the toilet paper home and dad just doesn’t wanna listen when I tell him we have the toilet paper mom said just get milk soon I guess I’ve got to get milk then

  5. This guy Paul is a train wreck! He has no business trying to be in a relationship, he is irresponsible and will never be able to provide for a family plus the fact that he has major trust issues! He is a complete basketcase. Can you imagine the damage he will do to his children? Karine should be allowed to go back to Brazil with her baby before that wacko goes out of control. Give it up paul before it spirals out of your control.

  6. This guy is not all there.. Even his mom doesn’t. Side with him. And his mom seems like a sweet lady, that’s fed him with having to always come to his aid.

  7. He has issues … Even his Mother knows this … Karina go back to your country .. Just leave he doesn’t need to know … Your baby was born in Brazil … He is crazy. .. He can’t get a job .. He has nothing. A grown married man depending on his Mom. … Smh .. He should be ashamed of himself ..

  8. Honestly for Paul this was a no win situation, I feel for him because first the language barrier, second moving to her country with no employment opportunities. Third she ain’t that cute lol. I honestly think he IS trying to meet her demands and make her happy. All is see is HIM trying and HER complaining, granted he’s over the top and needs to know when to zip it. He does come off emotionally unstable at times (probably from the fraustration of wanting to do whats right for her and the baby) but I have never seen him pose a threat to Karine neither physically or verbally.

  9. Paul is CRAZY! BUT…
    EVERYONE witnessed this from the very start!!
    Karine saw this too. Desperate ppl do desperate things. She was hoping for a better life but it’s more like living hell!
    They both need help. I hope she’s allowed to leave with her son before it’s too late! Paul is dangerous and seriously needs therapy and medication.
    He’s an episode of SNAPPED waiting to happen!!

  10. When dating Paul why didn’t Karine see the signs that Paul has a lot of personal issues from the past?
    Karine definitely should do a background check and date someone who will treat her and Pierre with respect.
    Paul should be going to temp agencies, file out applications daily .
    Paul maybe should join the service and then have income coming in to support himself and family.
    Karine should go back home where her family is .
    Paul needs to grow up and stop asking his mom for help.
    At his age he should have already had his act together before he got married and had a child.
    Most employers are looking for someone stable.
    Get some counseling Paul seek a therapist.
    If your not working how the heck do you have money to board your dogs? It seems that your mom having to buy food for your dogs shows you can’t afford them.

  11. It’s all a big publicity stunt, they want their own spinoff. Paul posted the restraining order on his Instagram and it’s clear he wrote it. It’s perfect English and his dumb ass put his info for the victim’s. The race is listed as white and the sex is male. Karine is neither of those. Shame on them for faking a very real issue to get screen time

  12. I guess I am thee odd man out. I think Karine is nasty. I would love to see the videoes. She accepts no responsibility for her bad behavior. Now don’t get me wrong Paul is not perfect and I accept his faults but let’s not blame him for everything.

  13. Both Paul and Karine are at fault!
    Karine demanding her way. I feel she has used Paul.
    Paul on the other hand needs to own up to what he is responsibility for in his relationship with Karine.
    I think both could have worked things out but both are strong willed and selfish. Shame too both! Feel Sad for Pierre he did ask for his parents to be selfish he just wants to be loved!

  14. Anyone who think she’s ungrateful is crazy as hell… she wanted him to get a job but all he does is make excuses not to get one and want to hang around the house and not even help with the baby too. he has too many excuses. His mother knows him best and stated this. If he has money for cameras then he should have money to support his family. He brought her over her and try to make them live in a dump . He should of done the right thing and plan it right , come first and set up himself a job save get a place then bring her over. He’s the bipolar one who can’t control himself and frankly she just had enough of his childish mood swing. He wanted to lock her up in a house and have no one to talk too , why probably so she would know her rights . I know people like this. Its sickening !

  15. People! We only know what we see on TV and that’s not everything! Don’t be so quick to judge and take sides, say what someone should do and call people names! Don’t be part of the herd!!! Have your opinion but don’t make yourself look ignorant by coming to conclusions based on not having all the facts! Just enjoy the entertainment aka drama!

  16. Karine is an ungrateful witch! He is trying. She knew the situation and stayed. She looks nothing like the first photos posted of her. She needs to grow up..why wasnt she working in her country? Time for him to wake up,leave her for good,get custody and ship her back to her jungle!

  17. Karine needs to leave that loser & go back to Brazil. Take your baby & run. Go to the nearest Brazilian embassy & they will help you go home. Paul will never be a good husband or father. He’s not mature or responsible for himself so how can he be responsible for you & your baby.
    Run; don’t walk Marine & find a REAL man.

  18. I certainly hope that no court would give a child to Paul. He can’t support himself. He is broke as a joke. She would be better off going back to Brazil with her child. Conditions there were not great but she is never going to do much better with Paul here in the states. My best wished to her ithout the Loser Paul. Something wrong with him.

  19. She came here thinking she was going to live high and just has not happened. where they are living now is no prize
    but was sure better than she came from. She complains about everything. I think Paul is so discouraged because of his felony he can hardly find a job
    The thing they needed was for her to get preg again. That makes no sense at all. They are both little nuts

  20. Paul feels like he is entitled to marry a young woman that he can control from another country and then forces her to move away from her family and then he goes bat crazy on this young woman because she tells him to go get a job and send her and her son back to Brazil because that is where she would rather be than in America. She never wanted to come to America or even have a green card she just wanted him get a job and take care of his family but instead he is depending on his mom to support him and his family. So this Paul doesn’t have all his marbles upstairs at all and what makes him think that he can force a woman to live in a country that she doesn’t want to be in in the first place. She never ever told Paul that she wanted to move to America to live permanently she always keep telling him that she wants to go back home all the time. Now he’s accusing her of all kinds of things and just doesn’t know when to shut the hell up at all. I hope that this young woman can get to go back home to her family and leave this fool alone to his miserable life that he still cannot get control of. Like who the hell puts up all those cameras around their house just so that they can watch what his wife is doing all the time. I’ve never in my whole life hear a grown man talks so much nonsense and carries on like that. Then he claims that his wife is the one with the bipolar. This guy is way out there and I don’t know which world he’s living in right now. I just hope that everything can work out for Karine.

  21. First, Kariene never let’s Paul touch her so who is the father of the baby and the originator of the STD? Second, is the STD genital lice, clamidia, syphilis, what?? And if Paul is the daddy; what planet is he on that he thinks he can support two kids when he can’t support himself? He should have gone home alone, gotten a job, slept in a shelter if he had to and sent for her ONLY when he had a suitable home for her and a child. And, what the hell is he doing with his TLC money? I think one of the reasons Pail wanted Kariene in the US was the rumor is that the significant others of ALL TLC’s American cast members get paid bupkis, zero, zilch, nothing, nada, zip, not a dime for appearing on their shows making them tons of money and drawing in fans and advertisers. These shows have become increasingly popular and TLC has left it up to the American cast members to pay their foreign castmates, lovers, boyfriends, girlfriends, lovers, husbands, wives, family members, etc… out of their pockets if they see fit. So, we know Paul has been on this show for years and years. Their salaries seem to go up depending on the amount if drama they bring. Jumping out of a moving car in the middle of traffic is drama, almost getting arrested is drama. Where is his TLC paycheck? Why is he living worse than a street person, and why won’t TLC help him get around the past arson charge? He did his time. He was 21 when he did it. He is a bit off center, but wouldn’t you be if your mom went beyond tough love and basically, and continuously called you the scum of the earth?? Why can’t someone step up and give him a nice job as a custodian, at night with good benefits for his family and a good living wage so he can go back to school and get his life back on track. Everyone makes mistakes. He was in love and stupid. TLC should do a new TV show, the real time remake of Paul. The man needs a cheerleader. If he does not get a lifeline, he just may walk in front of a train. How could any mom say that to her son? And if TLC is holding back his money, shame on you!

  22. We all saw that p a ul was not right in the head. Who didn’t want to hold a job he is lazy and no good let him climb in the chicken coop again like he did in Brazil she should have never got pregnant by him again

  23. Hard to say between closed doors and everything else is trying to do his best and please her and language barriers and everything else they need marriage counseling and work things out things get out of hand real quick

  24. Actions speak louder than words- anyone can say anything and choose sides but evidence shows that she has a ulterior motive going to a attorney in the place and since there is security cameras inside the house I would suspect that any wrongdoing will be revealed in court like infidelity or abuse. Those cameras were the smartest thing he did because if he was abusive he wouldn’t have installed the camera- the show currently depicts Paul as doing the best he can under his legal situation and shows her complaining about him not doing anything that he is doing. I think she’s calling wolf and claiming to be sexually assaulted to take the child and I think she’s in for a shock because video footage shows the complete opposite of her claim.

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