90 Day Fiance Star Gabriel Paboga Reveals Betrayal and Heartbreak

90 Day Fiance Star Gabriel Paboga Reveals Betrayal and Heartbreak

90 Day Fiance celeb Gabriel Paboga’s recent social media stirred up trouble in his relationship with Isabel Posada. After all the buzz, he decided to spill the beans and confirmed their split. He shared about the divorce and reasons that led to it.

Gabriel opened up about his strained marriage, expressing feeling “betrayed” and “used” by Isabel Posada. His revelations left viewers shocked and bewildered.

Gabriel Paboga and Isabel Posada’s love story shined on 90 Day Fiance. Fans adored them, witnessing their wedding. Yet, challenges crept in, dimming their fairy tale ending.

Recently, Gabriel Paboga shared on YouTube about his divorce decision. He revealed struggles and deep anger, feeling betrayed and used. Every phone call brought new heartaches, leaving him empty.

He confessed feeling drained by unfolding events, feeling stripped of everything. This rough year felt like a charade to him. Tears welled up as he shared his pain.

Gabriel Paboga emphasized that this was his truth, his side. He encouraged seeking Isabel’s perspective too.

Gabriel Paboga Opens Up About the Struggles Leading to His Marriage’s Demise

90 Day Fiance star Gabriel Paboga shared he’s reluctant to discuss why his marriage failed. He hinted at issues that harmed their relationship.

Gabriel mentioned countless times Isabel disappeared without explanation. He expressed frustration covering for her and making excuses. Feeling exhausted, he couldn’t continue this way.

Additionally, he disclosed his financial hardships, working 18-hour days. Despite his efforts, financial struggles persist. Facing the possibility of losing his home, he wonders what went wrong to end up in this dire situation.

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