90 Day Fiance: The Rocky Relationship of Paul and Karine

90 Day Fiance: The Rocky Relationship of Paul and Karine

90 Day Fiance star Karine Martins now has a drastically different look. This is because she recently underwent a cosmetic surgery. After a complete makeover of her face, the change in Karine’s appearance is shocking.

90 Day Fiance: The Rocky Relationship of Paul and Karine

TLC viewers meet Karine for the first time on season one of 90 Day Fiance. Since the beginning of their relationship, Karine and Paul are rocky. Once she came to the United States, she eventually ran away from the house Paul Staehle had bought them. Things went from bad to worse. The couple ended up filing a restraining order against each other.

A few months passed, but the restraining orders were withdrawn by both parties. Paul Staehle swears that he will do better for his wife and their son, Pierre.

90 Day Fiance cast member, Karine, underwent cosmetic surgery. This beautifying procedure included an “umbilical shadow and lip revitalization”.

This shocking transformation gave Karine bold eyebrows. Even more eye-catching are the fuller lips she now sways. The cosmetic beauty procedure follows closely after the sworn reconciliation her husband, Paul, has made.

The combination of cosmetic methods to “beautify and enhance” Karine’ natural facial features leaves this star with a glow. This glow can come from the procedure or the pregnancy glow of the second child of the 90 Day Fiance star.

The umberbrow that Karine wears is a kind of semi-permanent makeup. This is a kind of styling technique that is often used to shape and shadow the eyebrow. The lip revitalization is a non-invasive treatment. It improves the natural appearance of the lips. This gives Karine a fuller looking pouting lip.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. I’m sorry this chick here is rebeautfying herself and complaining on American dime while she looks for someone else pocket to get into because Paul isn’t making the money she needs she complains and still want more go back to your deplated shack and see if you’ll get lip injections there without getting an infection, this makes me angry because they get with simple minded American men and all they want is $$$ not for love or care just what they can get. $$$$

  2. All these 90 Day Wonders, poorer than church mice, running Go Fund Me campaigns and grocery stores donating food. And these 2.. Paul has 2 dogs getting professionally trained and Karine is getting plastic surgery. Paul had to get his mother to buy the dogs food. Don’t even get me started on Larissa, Angela or the rest.

  3. Karine is a joke and butt ugly will always be but ugly. There is no fixing it. I say it’s time Paul has a DNA test done. If that boy is his that will be shock. She’s nothing more than a whore, and like others state just looking for $$$$. Wake up Paul, I’ ll bet 100$$$ that you are NOT the FATHER.

  4. Just like Larissa with the bub job and lips , she is living of those guys and her father who is taking care of her kids in Brazil what a whore she is , but Colt and company is no better

  5. Bunch of users, these foreigners. Karine is as ugly as her past and Larissa is as phony as her plastic and stuffing.

  6. Sad they can’t decide if they wanna be together but a cosmetic answer. I feel sad for them both he has no brains and she is not pretty.

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