90 Day: The Single Life: Stephanie Matto Opens About Stripper Past

90 Day: The Single Life: Stephanie Matto Opens About Stripper Past

Stephanie Matto opened up about her 90 Day: The Single Life during lunch at Tell All and revealed that the strangest job she’s ever had was as a stripper. Stephanie Matto asked Debbie, Big Ed Brown, and Syngin what the strangest job they had ever had was and when Debbie finished answering, Stephanie offered up her work experience.

She detailed the circumstances under which she became a stripper and shocked and intrigued her fellow cast members of The Single Life with her open-ended answer to her own question.

90 Day: The Single Life: Stephanie Matto Opens About Stripper Past

During the lunch break at 90 Day: The Single Life Tell All, Stephanie Matto opened up a conversation between Syngin, Big Ed Brown, and Debbie by asking what was the strangest job they had ever had.

Once Debbie finished her answer, which was a private investigator, Stephanie stepped in and broke the news that she was a stripper, to which Big Ed and Syngin had audible reactions.

Stephanie Matto explained, “I used to be a stripper, like I moved out to LA when I was 23, 24. Then I was like, okay, I have an apartment. How am I going to pay for it? I was like, I’ll just be a stripper.” Big Ed Brown then said, “I knew she looked familiar. I’m like where do I know you from?” Syngin remarked, “That’s pretty cool.” Big Ed Brown then joked at Stephanie Matto, “You never brought my change back” and they all laughed.

Stephanie Matto broke the news to Tell All that she was a millionaire and went on to describe her fart-in-a-can business that helped her reach this financial status.

Stephanie Matto has been pushing her OnlyFans and other adult platforms since season 4 of Before the 90 Days aired and has also entered a new realm on OnlyFans by starting an erotic cryptocurrency course.

Stephanie has mentioned through her social media that she may take a step back from reality TV after this season of The Single Life, as she has failed twice to find love on the show and has her time spread out between her business ventures and her new French lover.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.

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