Are 90 Day Fiancé’s Mike Berk and Ximena Morales Back Together Again?

Are 90 Day Fiancé's Mike Berk and Ximena Morales Back Together Again?

Former “90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days” couple Mike Berk and Ximena Morales, known for their tumultuous relationship, appear to have sparked reconciliation rumors. According to recent social media activity, the once-split pair seems to be reconnecting despite their previous differences and dramatic break-up. But, are they truly back together, or is there more to this puzzling story?

Recall that Mike, who had not been in a relationship since his high school days, and Ximena, a single mother fond of the bad boys and struggling with unemployment, formed an unlikely pair. They were brought together through a romance site, with Mike financially supporting their relationship. Despite their rocky start and constant arguments, Ximena’s sons had a soft spot for Mike, and emotionally, he provided what she needed.

However, their relationship hit the rocks when Ximena Morales began to withhold intimacy, leading to their eventual separation. Undeterred, Mike desperately tried to save the relationship, a futile attempt that seemed like “beating his head against a wall.” Eventually, Mike moved on and, in February this year, announced his engagement to an undisclosed woman.

90 Day Fiance: Unexpected Turn of Events

Now, according to 90dayfianceupdate, the ex-90 Day Fiance couple might be rekindling their lost love. A recently posted screenshot reveals Mike and Ximena on a FaceTime call, with Mike sporting a broad smile. This sudden development raises questions about the status of Mike’s engagement and whether his fiancee is aware of this contact with his ex. Could this unexpected turn signal a potential comeback on the show?

90 Day Fiance: Fans’ Speculations

The surprise reunion elicited mixed reactions among the 90 Day Fiance fanbase. While some fans suggested that Ximena Morales might be thanking Mike for a recent monetary gift, others speculated the pair’s desire to return to the TLC show. “No they’re not. They just want to get back on the TLC payroll. No one wants to work anymore,” read a comment on the Instagram post. Yet, many remember Ximena’s past attempts to sever ties with Mike, which were disregarded by the latter.

However, amidst these speculations, a crucial question remains unanswered: Where does Mike’s fiancee stand in this unfolding drama?

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