Are Stacey Silva & Florian Sukaj Joining 90 Day: The Last Resort Season 2? Fans React!

Are Stacey Silva & Florian Sukaj Joining 90 Day: The Last Resort Season 2? Fans React!

Is Stacey Silva joining 90 Day: The Last Resort Season 2 with her husband, Florian Sukaj? A suspected cast list recently appeared, revealing four couples and sparking speculation about a mystery woman. Could this woman be Stacey?

Stacey and Florian’s journey began with a several-year courtship. Due to the pandemic, they secretly married outside. Later, they celebrated with a dream wedding, facing challenges.

Stacey was the breadwinner, and Florian was rumored to have cheated. However, Florian always supported Stacey and her twin, Darcey.

Last year, Darcey Silva married Georgi Rusev. However, rumors suggest their relationship isn’t going well. When the alleged Season 2 cast list for The Last Resort was leaked, Darcey’s name was on it.

Officially, the cast includes Jasmine Pineda and Gino Palazzolo, Sophie Sierra and Rob Warne, Biniyam Shibre and Ariela Weinberg, and Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina. However, a Reddit user spotted a mysterious woman with them in Arizona.

The Reddit user saw Biniyam, Jasmine, Gino, and a blonde wearing a cowgirl hat and distinctive lips. Was it Nikki Exotika or Darcey? Now, sources claim it was Stacey. A video on Twitter allegedly showed Stacey and Florian filming the show.

Meanwhile, Nikki Exotika clarified she is not part of the spinoff and is in New Jersey.

How did fans react to Stacey Silva and Florian Sukaj joining? Were they excited or tired of the twins?

Written by Christine Cohan

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