Counting On: Jeremy and Jinger Work Out Together

Counting On: Jeremy and Jinger Work Out Together

Jinger Duggar’s followers don’t always approve of her relationship with Jeremy Vuolo. In the past, they have warned the Counting On star that her husband is a “dictator” and have noticed that he sometimes seems to cut her off in their Instagram videos. Some have speculated that Jinger Duggar, is insecure about her marriage to the former 32-year-old professional football player and needs to work to keep his attention.

But a recent Instagram post by Jinger Duggar makes fans sing a different tune, with one declaring the couple “relationship targets” because of their new hobby of quarantine.

Counting On: Jeremy and Jinger Work Out Together

In an Instagram post on June 10th, Jinger Duggar shared a photo of herself with her training equipment while drinking from a bottle of water.

“I kept myself active with some training at home,” shared the character from a reality TV show. “Jer and I try to work out together, usually when Felicity’s down for her nap. It’s good motivation to have a workout buddy to keep you going.”

Jinger Duggar has talked about her workouts in the past, so it’s no wonder she stays healthy even when the gyms are closed. “I really enjoy training,” she said in an Instagram Q&A in August 2019. “I really like to get up and exercise in the morning. I feel much better after doing it.”

Counting On: Fans Love That Jeremy And Jinger Exercise Together

The commentators of Jinger Duggar’s Instagram post were thrilled to see that she and her husband have been working together for more than three years.

“Bravo, girl! Y’all are #relationshipgoals!” wrote one of them. “Amen! one of the best parts of shelter-at-home was able to train with my husband every day and shape the habit for our boys,” commented another.

While some praised Jinger Duggar – who is currently expecting a baby – not. 2 – because staying fit when going out is difficult, others focused on something else. They couldn’t get over the fact that she was wearing shorts in the picture she shared. Someone praised Jinger Duggar for “wearing good training clothes.”

“I always shudder to watch your sisters train in skirts. So uncomfortable and dangerous,” they added. Jinger and her sisters grew up wearing modest clothes that showed little skin. They didn’t wear shorts or pants either. But Jinger Duggar, along with some of her siblings, have been relaxing their dress code in recent years.

Others have been heard to say that the pregnant mother looked “fantastic” and was “rocking” her training style.

But not surprisingly, there was also some criticism. “One asked, ‘So thighs are no longer considered nudity in the Bible? Others blamed Jinger Duggar for training during pregnancy, which they feared was harmful to her baby. But the supporters quickly knocked down those against, writing that Jinger Duggar could dress how she wanted without compromising her faith and pointing out that doctors usually recommend exercise to pregnant women.

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