Did Kailyn Lowry Really Quit ‘Teen Mom 2?

Did Kailyn Lowry Really Quit 'Teen Mom 2?

Another day, another Teen Mom 2 star who thinks she’s ready to quit and leave behind hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to film her life for a few months. At the end of the March 15, 2022 episode of Teen Mom 2, a text appears on screen to let viewers know that Kailyn Lowry no longer wants to film. But has Kailyn Lowry really left Teen Mom 2?

This wouldn’t be the first time that Kailyn Lowry has stopped filming or threatened to quit the show for good. Since Kailyn has stepped back from the show before, and rumors are always running about her resigning or being fired, it’s hard to take her seriously. At this point she’s like the teen mom who cried wolf.

Did Kailyn Lowry Really Quit ‘Teen Mom 2?

Briana’s storyline on the March 15, 2022 episode of Teen Mom 2 revolves around Chris Lopez’s guest appearance on the podcast. Chris is the father of two of Kailyn’s children, Lux and Creed, and he and Kailyn Lowry haven’t always gotten along. As viewers know, neither do Kailyn and Briana – so this meeting of the minds, if you will, couldn’t come at a worse time.

At the end of the episode, text appears on screen saying that Kailyn “informed production that she will no longer be filming” after learning that Chris Lopez was filmed for Teen Mom 2 before the podcast episode debuted. And in the past, Kailyn has refused to film because Chris was on the show. Clearly, though, she decided to return.

In the Teen Mom 2 season 11 trailer, there are several shots of Kailyn that show she wasn’t serious about her refusal to film. Or, at least, she reached an agreement with MTV about Chris’ involvement in Teen Mom 2.

Off the show, after Briana started talking to Chris Lopez, Kailyn Lowry alluded to something more between her Teen Mom 2 nemesis and Chris Lopez. While Briana and Chris’ relationship seems to be nothing more than a friendship born out of being single parents and possibly a shared animosity involving Kailyn, that hasn’t stopped the rumors from flying.

In a December 2021 Instagram story, Kailyn Lowry hinted that Briana slept with Chris Lopez, but gave no other information regarding the claim. Later, Briana told Us Weekly in a simple statement, “No I didn’t.”

In the March 15, 2022 episode, Briana mentions how her boyfriend, Javi Gonzalez, expressed jealousy over her spending time with Chris in a Rage Room, where the two, along with Briana and Chris’ friends, vented.

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