Teen Mom: Tyler Baltierra Expresses Frustration with Catelynn Lowell’s Adoptive Parents

Teen Mom: Tyler Baltierra Expresses Frustration with Carly's Adoptive Parents

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra from “Teen Mom OG” have been open about their lives since they appeared on “16 and Pregnant.” They made the difficult decision to give their first daughter, Carly, to adoptive parents Brandon and Teresa Davis. They now have three more children named Novalee, Vaeda, and Rya Rose. Catelynn and Tyler have had a complicated relationship with Brandon and Teresa as they navigate open adoption. Recently, Tyler hinted at a strained relationship with them on social media. He especially mentioned his activities outside of MTV.

When a fan asked Tyler about his plans after MTV and his OnlyFans account, he said, “As for B & T, trying to win their approval is a lost cause, even if I were a saint. I’m not about to live my life chasing someone else’s standards, only mine matter to me.” This honest statement shows the ongoing tension and different expectations between the biological and adoptive parents when it comes to their public lives and decisions.

The Complex Dynamics Between Catelynn, Tyler, and Carly’s Adoptive Parents

The relationship between Catelynn Lowell, Tyler, and Carly’s adoptive family has had its ups and downs. One big issue came up when Tyler wanted to share pictures of Carly on social media, but Brandon and Teresa said no. They believe they have the right to make decisions for Carly’s best interest. Teresa explained on “Teen Mom OG,” “You may be her biological parents, but in every other way, she’s our daughter. We’re the ones making the decisions.”

Despite the challenges, Brandon and Teresa are thankful to Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra for giving them Carly. Teresa said, “When Carly’s brave birth mother gave her to us, it was an amazing moment. It’s like nothing else.” This shows the mix of emotions in adoption, where gratitude, love, and respect meet the difficulties of open adoption.

Communication has been a problem, too. Catelynn and Tyler have been frustrated because they don’t know if they can keep visiting Carly. This has caused emotional distress for Catelynn. Their adoption counselor, Dawn, has reminded them that while they can say what they want, Brandon and Teresa have the final say. They have to do what’s best for Carly.

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