Teen Mom: Is Cheyenne Floyd Expecting Baby #3?

Teen Mom: Is Cheyenne Floyd Expecting Baby #3?

Cheyenne Floyd, a prominent figure in the reality TV series Teen Mom, recently took to Snapchat for a fan-driven Q&A that inadvertently fired up the pregnancy rumor mill. Floyd, who has been in the spotlight due to a disturbing shooting incident involving her family in 2022, found herself facing a new wave of speculation. Is she pregnant with her third child? Fans started wondering after she mentioned dealing with an “aggravated stomach.”

According to The Sun, Floyd was seeking advice for stomach issues when fans jumped to the conclusion that she might be expecting. The speculations took a twist when Cheyenne had a moment that fans describe as a “look of discovery.” However, Floyd decided to nip these rumors in the bud. She made it clear that she’s “definitely not pregnant,” urging fans to “stop putting baby number three” on her.

You heard that right, folks—Cheyenne Floyd is not pregnant, and she wants you to know she already has her hands full with her two young children, Ryder and Ace.

Teen Mom: The Ongoing Controversy Involving Cheyenne’s Family

If you thought Cheyenne’s life is all about sparkles and rainbows, think again. Just a few months ago, she and her family were victims of a violent shooting. The culprit is now serving an 18-year prison sentence, but the ordeal has taken a toll on the family’s wellbeing.

Adding fuel to the fire, the shooter’s girlfriend, Joslyn, recently made allegations against Cheyenne’s husband, Zach Davis, blaming him for the incident and accusing him of being a scammer. E! News reports that these claims have drawn harsh criticism from Cheyenne’s sister, who promptly clapped back at Joslyn’s accusations.

This new scandal comes just as Teen Mom fans were hopeful that the family was finding its footing again after the shocking incident. Joslyn’s accusations could potentially have a ripple effect, leading to further episodes revolving around this storyline.

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