Teen Mom 2: Ashley Jones Expresses Disappointment Over Daughter’s Hairstyle – What Went Wrong at the Salon?

Teen Mom 2: Ashley Jones Expresses Disappointment Over Daughter's Hairstyle – What Went Wrong at the Salon?Teen Mom 2: Ashley Jones Expresses Disappointment Over Daughter's Hairstyle – What Went Wrong at the Salon?

Teen Mom 2 star Ashley Jones has voiced her dismay over her daughter Holly’s new hairstyle, which could cause some controversy at her upcoming graduation. Amidst the criticism, we delve into the debate of leaving children alone at the salon.

When Ashley Jones, 26, star of MTV’s hit series Teen Mom 2, took her daughter Holly to the salon for a new hairstyle ahead of her graduation, she was expecting a smooth experience. What she got instead has sparked a wave of social media controversy.

Jones had left Holly at the salon for the two-and-a-half-hour hair styling session. This practice, although common for some mothers, has stirred an intense debate over whether it was right for Ashley Jones to leave her daughter alone during this time.

Unexpected Results at the Hair Salon

Having chosen a simple and easy hairstyle – tiny feed-in braids going into two space buns – for Holly, Jones expected a swift service from a stylist she had used before. However, upon returning to the salon after completing some errands, she found her daughter sporting a single bun with what she described as “knotted-a** braids,” a drastic deviation from the requested style.

The disappointing outcome of the salon visit was even more frustrating as Holly, who Jones says is tender-headed, had endured over two hours in the chair for a hairstyle she didn’t ask for. Jones voiced her frustration in a video that was later reposted by a Teen Mom fan page on Instagram.

The Issue of Leaving Children Alone

Despite the hair debacle, the primary issue causing a stir on social media is Jones’s decision to leave five-year-old Holly alone at the salon. While Ashley Jones felt comfortable doing so due to her frequent visits to the stylist, critics voiced their concern over this practice.

One commenter stated, “I’ve never [left them alone] until they were preteens with a cell phone in hand.” Another said, “Never get comfortable enough to leave your baby unattended ANYWHERE.”

However, supporters defended Jones’s decision, with one pointing out, “Little black girls have been left at the hair studio for generations. I don’t think this one is that deep.”

Despite the drama surrounding the incident, Jones hopes to rectify the situation ahead of Holly’s graduation. She has since requested a full refund from the salon and plans to have her daughter’s hair redone.

Jones Family Celebrations Amidst Controversy

Despite the hair salon incident, the Jones family had a reason to celebrate, with Holly’s elementary school graduation. Ashley Jones, her younger sister Autumn Rose, and Holly posed for a family photo on the special day. Fans couldn’t help but notice the striking resemblance between Ashley and her younger sister, with comments flooding in that they looked like twins.

Ashley Jones’s unexpected salon experience has ignited a significant debate about children’s safety and salon practices. The Teen Mom star’s ordeal serves as a reminder to all parents to ensure their child’s comfort and safety when opting for salon services.

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