Teen Mom 2: Chelsea Houska Faces Criticism for Controversial TikTok Attempt

Teen Mom 2: Chelsea Houska Faces Criticism for Controversial TikTok Attempt

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska gets slammed on social media for off-beat TikTok attempt and accusations of ‘blackfishing’. Check out our exclusive insight on the trending controversy and her changing appearance. Dive into the discussion that’s heating up online.”

Chelsea Houska, known for her role on MTV’s “Teen Mom 2,” recently faced criticism for her clumsy attempt at a TikTok trend. The 31-year-old star appeared in a video posted by friend and business partner Laurie Karlson, wherein both women lip-synced to Kali Uchis’s song, “Area Codes”. However, the duo’s rhythm was noticeably off, prompting a slew of comments from dismayed fans.

“Very cringe,” one user commented, while another added, “This is so embarrassing for their souls.” Other users wondered aloud whether the two were aware of their obvious lack of sync.

Teen Mom 2: Accusations of ‘Blackfishing’ Resurface

The controversial TikTok video also reignited previous accusations of ‘blackfishing’ – when white individuals artificially alter their appearance to appear black or of mixed race. One social media follower remarked, “It’s weird when white conservative women use sounds/songs from Black people for their little TikToks. All off-beat and awkward.”

The appearance of both Houska and Karlson in the video, coupled with the use of a song by a person of color, raised questions of cultural insensitivity and appropriateness.


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Teen Mom 2: Chelsea Houska’s Changing Appearance Stirs Debate

In addition to the TikTok misstep, Chelsea Houska’s changing appearance has become a hot topic amongst fans. Some have theorized that the reality star may have undergone several cosmetic procedures, including a nose job, eye lift, and facial fillers.

One user questioned: “How did her whole face change its whole shape?” after seeing a recent post of the Teen Mom 2 alum.

Teen Mom 2: Impact on Her Children – A Concern Raised by Fans

Among the raised eyebrows over Chelsea’s changing looks, there was a resounding concern for the impact on her children, especially her daughter, Aubree.

“Will Aubree think her face needs to change because moms does? When does it stop? Chelsea was a natural beauty.. all she needed to work on was her self esteem, not her face,” a user worriedly remarked.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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