Julia Trubkina Of 90 Day Fiance Got A Lot Of Attention For Her New Look.

Julia Trubkina Of 90 Day Fiance Got A Lot Of Attention For Her New Look.

Former 90 Day Fiance star Julia Trubkina recently stunned fans by sharing some photos of herself wearing a hijab. The 28-year-old reality star is best known for her appearance on 90 Day Fiancé season 8, during which she married her American sweetheart Brandon Gibbs.

Although the couple had a sweet start on 90 Day Fiancé, they struggled with living on Brandon Gibbs’s parents’ farm. After living on the farm for over a year, the couple moved into their own apartment and started living independently. A few weeks ago, Brandon and Julia Trubkina announced that they had moved to Virginia Beach.

At the beginning of September, 90 Day Fiancé posted a couple of photos and videos from season 8 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The reason for their trip, however, is not one of Julia’s creative new career ventures.

Instead, the popular couple travelled to one of the seven richest emirates ahead of Brandon’s 30th birthday. In an Instagram post, the Russian reality star explained that TLC did not sponsor her trip. Julia said that she and Brandon don’t spend money on expensive clothes or jewellery, but prefer to save for travel.

Julia Trubkina Of 90 Day Fiance Got A Lot Of Attention For Her New Look.

While fans were expecting the couple to enjoy themselves and have fun on Brandon’s big day, many didn’t expect them to embrace Dubai culture. In a recent Instagram, Julia Trubkina shared a culturally diverse makeup of herself as she hung out at the Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Mosque. She wrote: “Abu Dhabi Mosque is a real miracle and one of the most amazing buildings in the UAE!” and added that it was a sight to behold.

One Instagram user wrote: “Julia with hijab…cute… “You look absolutely gorgeous in anything you wear, Julia. Thank you for respecting their customs and religion by your modest dress.”

Someone else praised the 28-year-old reality star’s black outfit and wrote: “Julia you look absolutely beautiful in that Abaya.” Overall, most 90 Day Fiancé fans had positive things to say about Julia’s outfit. However, some questioned why she was wearing the dress, and some well-informed fans helped to dispel their doubts.

Written by Evelyn Foster

Evelyn Foster is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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