My 600-lb Life: Does Megan Davis get weight-loss surgery?

My 600-lb Life: Does Megan Davis get weight-loss surgery?

The life of 24-year-old Megan Davis is hanging by a thread. The star of My 600-lb Life has become “too old to [take care of] myself alone” and now lives with her certified mom.

“When I eat, I feel a sense of comfort, love, a sense of fullness,” Megan explains about her relationship with food, which she calls “my constant best friend.

Megan started struggling with food at a young age. At 5 or 6, she was around 200 pounds.

Now, she’s determined to change her life and habits. “I can’t keep living like this,” she tells the camera, holding back tears.

Living far from her father, Megan can’t visit him easily. A two-day trip to Dr. Now’s office sparks inspiration.

For the first time in years, she sees beyond her home.

Dr. Now is surprised at her health when he arrives at her Houston office. “It’s shocking to see so many medical problems in someone so young,” he says of her many illnesses, and the 12 medications she has to take every day. “Some of the medications he takes,” he adds on another visit, “are usually taken by people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s.

Davis knows she can’t get on with her health as it is. “I know my health is really bad now, because the more I move, the worse my breathing gets,” she says. Also, she’s always dreamed of making a career as a pediatric nurse, but her weight prevents her from having a job where she has to stand.

My 600-lb Life: Does Megan Davis get weight-loss surgery?

Megan Davis’s journey to healthier eating is challenging but rewarding. She’s committed to making better food choices and has been losing weight steadily. Despite her mom’s unhealthy diet, Megan stays determined.

Three months later, Megan loses four and a half pounds. At the next checkup, a few months later, she weighs 558 pounds. “She hasn’t changed much in her eating habits yet and that’s the problem right now,” rebukes Dr. Now.

After Dr. Now tells Megan that she has to buckle up to get approved for surgery, she and her mother move to Houston. At the next weigh-in, she loses 100 pounds, a total of 84 since the program began. “At least you’ve remained consistent,” comments Dr. Now.

The doctor and patient make a deal: “If you lose another 30 and go down to 500,” Dr. Now offers, “to show us that your body is healthy enough for weight loss surgery, we’ll go ahead with that.

My 600-lb Life: How much weight did Megan lose?

Megan Davis lost weight, yet can’t have gastric sleeve surgery. Dr. Now says it’s too risky.

He praises her progress, but she must lose more weight. Her weight: 481 pounds.

Megan stays hopeful, motivated for surgery and a new life. She’s determined to achieve her dreams.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.