My 600-lb Life: Megan Davis’s Story

My 600-lb Life: Megan's Story

In My 600-lb Life tonight, we meet Megan Davis, who relies on her mother for her basic needs.

The series follows the lives of people who have reached a heavyweight milestone, and now seek the help of a doctor in Houston. Dr. Younan Nowzaradan.

The series has had a tough year, with production setbacks and legal problems.

Megan Davis will be a success story and a sequel to Where Are They Now where people who make it and lose weight sometimes undergo skin surgery?

My 600-lb Life: What happens in the preview with Megan who meets up with Dr. Now?

In the exam room, it’s clear that 24-year-old Megan missed the weight loss target set by Dr. Now. He looks worried and says, “So, you want to tell me what happened?”

A little defensive, Megan says, “Well, I drank a diet soda instead of water.”

Dr. Now says, “Diet soda is unhealthy, but it doesn’t cause any weight gain because it has no calories. It has a lot of sodium, but it’s not the source of your calorie intake, so what do you eat that is?”. Now in full apology mode, Megan says, “I’ve been, like, out eating, and the items probably had a lot of sodium in them.

Not having it, Dr. Now levels the boom to Megan and says, “Sodium won’t contribute to your weight. If you reduce the amount of calories you eat, then you’ll draw on the calories stored in the form of fat. So your body burns fat and you lose weight.” But that didn’t happen. So that means you’re still eating about 5,500-6,000 calories a day.

“Even if you only reduce it to 2,000 calories a day instead of 1,200 when you’re at 600 kilos, you’d still easily lose 50 to 60 kilos in a month, okay? He looks at his chart which reveals that he hasn’t lost even 20 kilos in his diet. He says, “So 14 kilos isn’t really that significant a weight loss, okay?”

And he adds, “And don’t you seem to be able to get rid of the urgency of needing all that weight as soon as possible?

Megan is 24 years old and over 600 pounds, lives at home with her mother, who cooks for her, since Megan can’t do much of everything.

Now, Megan Davis is on her way to Houston to meet Dr. Now with her mother, and Dr. Now gives her the grill, shape, and stops making excuses.

Will Megan change her eating habits or will her life end tragically before it begins?

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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  1. Good grief, edit your article. You used the wrong gender. You question mark after what should have been a statement. And it didn’t flow well, I’m not sure now what the point was supposed to be? I got the impression it was about scripted drama – that was not proven.

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