Natalie Mordovtseva’s High Demands Push Josh to the Edge on 90 Day Fiancé

Natalie Mordovtseva's High Demands Push Josh to the Edge on 90 Day Fiancé

’90 Day: The Single Life’ Season 4 has kicked off with its characteristic flair for drama, particularly surrounding one of its most polarizing figures, Natalie Mordovtseva. The Ukrainian beauty, who first captured audiences’ attention in ’90 Day Fiancé,’ is now at the heart of controversy in the bustling city of Los Angeles. Viewers have been eagerly tuning in to watch Natalie alongside a cast of familiar faces, including Veronica Rodriguez, Chantel Everett, and more, as they navigate the complexities of love and relationships.

Natalie’s journey this season is particularly intriguing. After uprooting her life in Florida, she moved to Los Angeles with high hopes pinned on her then-boyfriend, Josh Weinstein. Natalie expected Josh to not only provide her with housing but also assist in her job hunt, setting the stage for a tumultuous storyline.

90 Day Fiancé’s Natalie Mordovtseva Faces Backlash: Fans Question Her L.A. Reliance on Josh

The rollercoaster of emotions between Natalie Mordovtseva and Josh Weinstein has become a focal point of the season. Their attempt to rekindle a romance that had previously fizzled out is laid bare for viewers to witness. Initially, things seemed to be going well for the couple, but it wasn’t long before the cracks started to show. A simple evening of drinks post-rollerskating escalated quickly when Natalie, upon realizing Josh’s limited availability due to work commitments, confronted him in a heated exchange.

Josh, in a candid moment with TLC’s producers, expressed his frustration, highlighting the pressure he felt from Natalie’s expectations. Despite his efforts to balance work, parental responsibilities, and their relationship, Natalie seemed unsatisfied. This discord resonated with viewers, who took to social media platforms like X, formerly known as Twitter, to voice their opinions.

Criticism of Natalie’s dependence on Josh for settling down in L.A. has been rampant among fans. Tweets ranged from questioning her decision to move without financial security to outright suggestions for her to find employment. The sentiment was clear: Natalie’s reliance on Josh was seen as untenable by many.

Natalie Mordovtseva’s L.A. Move Sparks Outrage Among 90 Day Fiancé Viewers

The buzz around Natalie’s actions has been loud and clear on social media. Fans expressed their frustration with her for expecting Josh to shoulder the burden of her relocation to L.A. without proper planning. Comments like, “Natalie is just too much. She wants Josh to fund her life but doesn’t want him to work,” capture the general mood of the audience. Another bluntly advised, “Honey just move near a country club & try to find some old rich guy to con,” reflecting the skepticism surrounding Natalie’s motives.

As for Natalie and Josh’s romance, the last glimmer of hope was seen in March 2023 when they shared a video on Instagram, hinting at a cordial relationship. However, soon after, Natalie removed all traces of Josh from her social media, signaling a potential end to their rocky love story.

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