On 90 Day Fiance: Sumit Singh Is Not Ready To Get Married To Jenny.

On 90 Day Fiance: Sumit Singh Is Not Ready To Get Married To Jenny.

90 Day Fiance teases that the time has come for Sumit Singh and Jenny Slatten to get married. Sumit, however, has cold feet and stops their marriage proposal. Fans will know that the couple have been together for over a decade. Like any relationship, they have their struggles. But after their recent visit to an astrologer, the couple finally got the green light to tie the knot.

In a recent episode that aired on November 14, fans saw how happy Jenny was because she will finally be able to take her wedding vows with Sumit Singh in nine days. At the marriage lawyer’s office, they explained that they will get married legally without any ceremony.

On 90 Day Fiance: Sumit Singh Is Not Ready To Get Married To Jenny.

Sumit Singh then talks to his close friend Neeraj about his upcoming marriage. He explains that he and Jenny Slatten finally got the approval of both their parents and their astrologer to get married. Now nothing will stand in their way. However, he made a personal confession to his friend that he is nervous about marrying Jenny. He opened up about the difficulties he faced in his previous marriage. The divorce cost him a lot of money and trauma.

But Neeraj reminded his friend that he had been trying to marry Jenny Slatten for several years. Now is the right time and they should just get married “right away”.

Sumit Singh then disclosed that he made a big decision without informing Jenny. He told Neeraj about the Special Marriage Act and that they had already filed a form to get married. He said that he called a lawyer after their meeting and told her that he would stick to it or not file for marriage and Jenny Slatten would know nothing about it.

Sumit Singh said that after nine years of fighting for their love and marriage, he was now afraid to do so. He also explained to Jenny his reservations about his previous marriage. Jenny is an understanding woman. She understands the impact of Sumit’s previous marriage on her. She thinks it is natural for Sumit to feel anxious and afraid to remarry. The question now is whether Sumit will be able to overcome these feelings and whether he will have the courage to marry Jenny so that they can finally start life as husband and wife.

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