Rishi Singh Defies Mother’s Disapproval on 90 Day Fiance Reunion

Rishi Singh Defies Mother's Disapproval on 90 Day Fiance Reunion

Rishi Singh successfully hid his engagement to Jen Boecher from his mother for almost two years. Imagine the surprise when Shimla discovered her son’s secret! Initially accepting of the news, Shimla’s attitude shifted dramatically when she learned about the significant age difference between the lovebirds. This led to a heart-wrenching decision for Rishi, who found himself torn between his love for Jen and the disapproval of his mother.

90 Day Fiance: A Mother’s Opinion and A Broken Heart

Shimla, the heart and soul of Rishi Singh’s family, refused to give her blessing to the relationship. This absence of approval weighed heavily on Rishi. Trying to balance his relationship with Jen Boecher and his mother’s feelings proved a difficult task for the young TLC star. When he eventually told Jen about his mother’s concerns, she took the decision to return to America.

90 Day Fiance: The Unexpected Reunion

After their seeming split, fate had other plans. The pair reconnected at a friend’s wedding and have been in contact ever since. During the reunion special of the show, they revealed this to the viewers. However, while Rishi Singh believes they are back to being engaged, Jen Boecher remains unsure.

Rishi Singh’s determination to marry Jen Boecher, despite his mother’s disapproval, has added fuel to the fire. Shimla stands by her belief that the age gap is too large, and the only acceptable relationship would be friendship. Rishi’s struggle to convince his mother about his marriage plans within the next year and a half has frustrated Jen and made for some gripping TV.

90 Day Fiance: Fans Divided Over Shimla’s Comments

Opinions among 90 Day Fiancé fans are divided. Some support Shimla, suggesting cultural and practical reasons behind her disapproval. For others, Shimla’s comments cross the line, as they believe Rishi’s happiness with Jen should be the paramount concern, regardless of age or potential children.

In a classic clash of culture versus modern love, it’s uncertain what the future holds for Rishi and Jen. The real question is whether Rishi will stand up against his family to protect his love for Jen, or will he succumb to the pressure?

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