Sister Wives: Christine Doesn’t Have a Clue?

Sister Wives: Christine Doesn’t Have a Clue?

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown probably thought she was sending kind words into the world, but apparently she was waiting for a rude awakening. Once Christine Brown saw how her desire for a better world picked up shameful comments, she seemed to think twice.

Sister Wives: Christine Doesn’t Have a Clue?

Looks like Christine Brown has a new and improved version of her online post today. The “funny wife” of the Sister Wives, which is how Kody Brown refers to Christine, has not renewed her message. No, she stayed still – she just deleted the comments and closed the post to future comments.

Fans of this Sister Wives mom seemed furious. Some of her fans said they were very disappointed in her. Christine Brown urged people to love each other in her latest post. Also, like many people today, she hopes things will get better. Christine would like the world to heal from some horrible problems.

It seems her well-intentioned post imploded into some angry followers. Many people found offensive what this Sister Wives star said. They also found that she prioritized things in a very strange way.

Sister Wives: Damage Control

Almost immediately after Christine Brown tried to share her words of wisdom in a post, comments flooded in. Either Christine Brown waited to see how much worse the situation would get, or she didn’t see the comments for a while. Because the comments from the Sister Wives continued for a while before she cleaned the post of the comments from the fans..

Christine Brown renewed her post by deleting all comments. She also seems to have closed the post to all future comments. Even though she won’t have to see the thoughts of her viewers anymore, that doesn’t change their minds.

Although fans of Sister Wives targeted Christine Brown’s post, some said they didn’t think she meant to be insensitive. Rather, it seems that some of her fans think she should have been more specific about the events. Especially since she knows what it means to be the target of closed-minded people when it comes to her plural marriage.

So, it seems that this Sister Wives wife and mother was trying to keep her post generic. She didn’t deal with the issues specifically today. But some of her fans blamed her for taking the safe way out.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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