Sister Wives: Meri Reflects on Past With Mariah

Sister Wives: Meri Reflects on Past With Mariah

Sister Wives star Meri Brown adores her daughter, Mariah Brown, so her latest post might surprise her fans. Even when Sister Wives’ followers pointed out that Mariah has been a little rough on her mother in the past seasons, Meri seemed to ignore her.

It’s possible that she ignores all this because Mariah Brown is so special to her. This Sister Wives mother has only one biological child. However, their relationship seems to have made great strides in the last year or so. Meri Brown often visits Mariah and her boyfriend, Audrey Kriss, in Chicago.

Sister Wives: Meri Reflects on Past With Mariah

After coming back online after a week of silence, Meri Brown seems to be doing some thinking about the past. Veteran Sister Wives fans have probably noticed that there are very few recent photos of this mother-daughter alone online. So, when Meri Brown posted a photo just of her and Mariah, the show’s followers noticed.

Meri Brown rarely appears with Mariah on social media. But when she does, the photo usually contains Meri, Mariah, and Audrey Kriss. The woman Mariah plans to marry is also special to Meri Brown. This mom of Sister Wives considers Audrey to be her second daughter.

Sister Wives: Proud Daughter

Both the original Sister Wives matriarch and her daughter occasionally seem to show the same kind of poses online. They also seem to have many of the same facial expressions, including their smiles.

The way the two women tilt their heads in their individual shots also looks similar. If you follow Mariah Brown online, then you know what yoga means to her. She has enough poses of herself doing yoga to fill a book on the subject.

Mariah Brown has spent a lot of time learning and mastering the art of yoga. Even this daughter of the Sister Wives has been certified to teach it. But this is a series of poses that Meri has not invested in these days, which she shares in her recent post.

Meri Brown shared a photo of herself with Mariah Brown on the lawn of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, which appears above. It’s obvious what the mother-daughter duo of Sister Wives – yoga is doing. It’s a comeback photo and seems to be part of Meri Brown’s recent reflections during her quiet week on social media.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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