Sister Wives: Christine Has Huge Medical Debt?

Sister Wives: Christine Has Huge Medical Debt?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown just shared a story with her TLC series of followers that people find hard to swallow. This story begins long before she asked her LuLaRoe customers to buy, buy and buy some more of the clothes she has for sale. That’s because she had to make money for something very important.

Sister Wives: Christine Has Huge Medical Debt?

Christine Brown reported that one of her daughters needed surgery. But at the time, it seems she still had a huge medical bill that she may never pay. Now fans can’t believe what this mother of Sister Wives has just revealed. ‘

Her recent cry for help was due to a $50,000 copay for one of her daughters to undergo surgery. She could not name the daughter because the surgery is part of next season’s storyline. But Sister Wives’ followers suspect that she is talking about Ysabel Brown. That’s because they were talking about the possibility of surgery for her scoliosis in a previous season.

So, with every article that Sister Wives fans buy, they help her finance her daughter’s surgery. Then, during another recent live sales event, Christine Brown talked about Truely’s medical bills from when she fell ill years ago.

Sister Wives veteran fans remember the story of Truely’s illness that left her in the hospital. In 2014 Christine Brown took a then 3 year old Truely to the emergency room in a local hospital.

At the time, Christine Brown thought her daughter had the flu. But it wasn’t the flu. Truely seemed to be suffering from a life-threatening illness. She had acute renal failure and dehydration. It was a frightening time for the Sisters Wives’ family, especially when Truely was not responding to treatment at first.

Truly finally responded to treatment and was back home 11 days later. But now, six years later, Christine Brown says she recently explained this to Truly. The Sister Wives mom didn’t have insurance at the time, so Christine Brown was responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in hospital and doctor bills.

She told her followers of Sister Wives that she told Truely that she didn’t care how much the price was. All that matters now is that Truely is healthy today. The moving story has raised some questions and concerns for fans.

Sister Wives’ viewers seemed to wonder why in the world Christine Brown would tell her daughter about the bill. It’s not something most parents would tell their 10-year-old kid.

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  1. Isn’t Kody partiality responsible for insuring ALL his children? Therefore he should be paying atleast his half. Christine shouldn’t bear all the financial burden of caring for THEIR children.


  3. Kody is such a slouch. He divorces Mari to marry Robyn so that he can insure HER kids? What about the children you already had before you adopted hers? What a POS leaving the financial healthcare responsibilities of HIS children to Christine.

  4. Pretty sure growing up in this disgusting life style she knew what she was getting into and I’ll lay money she grew up on welfare they all do and now she has to pay her own bills because her loser doesn’t work keeps knocking up the favored one so Christine stop your whining and get a job with benefits like the rest of the American adults you chose to shack up with a lazy loser that’s your problem not ours pay your bills and stop acting like an injured animal it’s pathetic # teammeri

  5. If this was another father, he would be considered a deadbeat dad. From what I have seen on the show it is about Kody. He needs to step up and be a father, not a deadbeat. I don’t watch this show anymore because of Kody! Typical egotistical, arrogant male. Not a father or husband material!!!!

  6. Why is it all on mom to pay medical bills? That self-centered, egotistical loser named Kody is the one who wanted 4 wives and knocked all of them up every chance he got, so why aren’t all of these children on his medical insurance if they are his children? I realize that he is really only married to one of his wives in the eyes of the law, but you do not have to be married to the baby mama to have your child on your health insurance. He wants to be large and in charge and have the last word about everything, but all of these women have to buy their own house with a loan in their name, have their own job to pay for his children, while he just moves from house to house for booty calls and has no mortgage in his name to worry about nor any real responsibility. I would love to see all of them kick his worthless ass to the curb and make him pay child support to each of them.

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