Sister Wives: Is Christine the Culprit?

Sister Wives: Is Christine the Culprit?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown isn’t the only woman who’s going to fistfight Kody Brown in the new season, as it seems a few are at the end of their rope. But it seems Meri recently gave her idea on how to make amends. However, it is not clear if she is talking about herself or the other ladies of Sister Wives.

By now, all Sister Wives die-hard fans have seen the new teaser trailer for the new 2021 season. One thing the co-wives seem to have in common is their displeasure with their shared husband, Kody Brown.

Christine Brown has a breakdown while Meri Brown comforts her in the new season trailer. The third lady to join the Sister Wives’ plural marriage claims she can no longer be in this arrangement with Kody Brown. Even Janelle claims she is worried about the family’s divorce.

Robyn Brown said that she feels like a “stepmother” today, although no one is sure where she gets that from. Robyn also said that she no longer trusts one of the wives. It also seems that one of the wives is sabotaging Robyn’s marriage to Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Is Christine the Culprit?

The way the Sister Wives Season 15 trailer is put together, it sounds like Robyn is talking about Christine. Meri Brown is not one to get cozy with her fellow wives, except maybe Robyn Brown. So when Meri Brown is seen on camera trying to shake some sense into Christine, it comes across as odd to many fans today.

Right after the Sister Wives trailer made the rounds, Meri Brown gave one of her famous cryptic messages. It seems that she has found a solution, possibly to Christine’s problem. Or maybe Meri Brown is referring to herself here, as she sounds rejected by Kody Brown in the video.

Whatever she meant by offering this message at this time seems almost comical. Maybe she thinks they are all a little crazy and as long as their guy can accept them like this, they are golden.

Check out the message Meri shared above. It’s a quote from someone else, but she seems to feel the need to pass it on. Is she sending this message to Christine Brown or one of her other Sister Wives ladies?

Or is the original Sister Wives matriarch talking about herself? Is this how she thinks Kody Brown sees her? Or is it a diss towards Christine who had a breakdown in the trailer for Season 15? Well, whoever she has in mind needs to find a man who appreciates the “psycho” in him. Or at least sees it and loves them.

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