Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown Out On Her Own?

Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown Out On Her Own?

Sister Wives stars Meri Brown and Kody Brown make headlines again. In an episode of the new season, the couple drives to Las Vegas to see a therapist. According to US Magazine, the couple went into therapy after they realized that their marriage was not where it should be.

Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown Out On Her Own?

Since last month, fans have begun to suspect that things were so bad in their relationship that Meri Brown is back in Vegas, and no longer lives with Kody and his three other wives Janelle, Christine and Robyn.

Rumors began after fans noticed that Meri had not posted a photo with any of her sister wives or her husband since November 2019. Not a single photo in the last four months is quite unusual.

Therapy Session

In the exclusive Us Weekly sneak peek of last night’s episode, Meri says, “I’m very cautious about this. Kody Brown and I, our relationship has been quite difficult for a while and sometimes we make the decision to confront him and visit our therapist.

This shows how honest Meri and Kody are about the fact that their relationship isn’t perfect and that they need work.

Kody Brown goes on to say in the film, “Meri and I have just been out of our depth for so long… …it’s time to take the temperature of our relationship.”

Upon his arrival at the therapist’s office, the doctor revealed that Meri and Kody’s chart is one of her densest. Ouch. Is that good or bad, doctor?

Meri replied, “Either there’s not much hope for us because this chart is so thick, or it just shows our persistence.

Looks like the couple are really facing facts and it could end one way or the other. Will they be able to resolve the situation or will they finally stop?

Don’t worry, the fans certainly have their own ideas about what’s best for the couple.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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  1. hi so the therapist basically is calling him a bully he always gets his way without thinking things threw. Mari gv her life up so he could be w smone and he has treated her like dirt and the kids are great to her however the sisterwi es well they make her feel bad for every choice she makes as a whole person a human being with her own mind they forget what she gv up for others . I feel she made a chhoice and it turned out to be the best he became a big jerk after the catfish thing but honestly what did he think he left her to the curb as a insensitive man he does NT even hug her if she cries he is a cold man. but she deserves happiness NT to waist anymore of her life being smone she is told to be go MERI go find your path your success and a man to live life with religiou never said to obey and be treated like garbage or the bottom of a show. it never said a woman has to be trashed by a man who makes alot of errors himself she deserves be5ter and he is a selfish human being and he is nt as deserving as he thinks he is nt nice and the wives are cobdemeingabe they should think all that happened started with her being pushed aside go Meri go find ur true u u deserve to smile without judgment they are not good

  2. Kody is so completely narcissistic and arrogant. At least everyone e recognizes he only wants Robin but he wants the other wives to pay for his pleasure with robin. All wives must leave kody he has nothing to offer. Collect your. Own checks.

  3. Without this show, they’re unemployed. Every season has a story line. Next year they’ll be back in Utah, bet! There is no such thing as a “marriage counselor” for polygamists living their lives on reality tv. It’s a negotiation, they’re not wives, they’re cast members. He needs a new, younger, hotter wife BADLY!

  4. Meri have to decide her own not kody . Kody can’t do that push talk with her to move us I noticed she is emotional from kody that why I did watch them on tv kody isn’t good person he is a lot control four wives that bad idea The fours wives have to decide by own and I noticed kody alway see more christina Robyn and one women than meri . Meri has one child but kody refuse her more more kids before now she has nothing more kids I’m sorry to meri .i don’t like kody . The four wives kids are upset to move somewhere place they don’t like kids father talk too much same thing . Kody want to build one house no way I remember that he said my house what no way that is stupid word that all

  5. Meri needs to just go.She has no real reason to be there.she makes her own money,her only child is grown and barely around.Kody and the other wives barely want her around.They just want her money.I cant understand how Kody doesnt financially take care of any of them,driving in an expensive new sports car as if he doesnt have 1000 kids.And Robin living in a million dollar home but they’re broke while the others rent and constantly move.$1m dollar home doesnt have room for Meri to stay until she found a home.They are selfish and brainwashed.Kody only wants Robin but needs everybody’s money.

  6. He’s a dick..she should leave..he chases robin.christine chases him and the other one just goes with the flow.He tore her heart out when he divorced she tried to talk to someone and they cat fished her for publicity I quess.yes she should get her own show and leave his ungrateful ass..they should terminate the show too..let’s see him work and support all them then..he’s a jerk..

  7. Kodi is a real douche to Meri. He is not the least bit loving or understanding you either one family or not. Somebody make a decision towards her. The one home idea is good if they are truky one family but christine is too jealous and ruined that.

  8. Kodi is a real douche to Meri. He is not the least bit loving or understanding towards her. you are either one family or not. The one home idea is good if they are truly one family but christine is too jealous and ruined that. Someone should make a decision

  9. Meri he’s hit one excuse after the other. Fast talking liar. Get the hell away from him, find someone who will respect you. You are going down the same path over and over. He is a jerk, wears his hair like he was a teenager trying to look hot, and he’s just a loser who wants everything his way. Your not losing your family your gaining your freedom. Fly

  10. Not sure if many people were paying attention when Kody and Robyn were at the lenders office inquiring about the house they were or buying, but Roybn platently says shes not married to 3 other women, shes married to Kody. I might be wrong but havent these people based a whole show on the 5 of them being married to each other. Hmmmmmm.

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