Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Spills the Truth about Robyn Brown

Sister Wives' Janelle Brown Spills the Truth about Robyn Brown

The plural family of Sister Wives is no stranger to drama, but what did Robyn Brown do that changed the family dynamic so dramatically?

The Brown family, as depicted in the popular television series Sister Wives, has always had its ups and downs. But when Robyn Brown joined the family in 2010, the entire dynamic seemed to shift. According to Janelle Brown, one of Kody Brown’s wives, things were never more “settled.”

Robyn’s presence brought a new energy that some family members found difficult to deal with. Even the children began to notice that their father was spending more time with Robyn. The unsettling nature of her arrival left scars that are still being felt as the show begins its 18th season.

Janelle had this to say about Robyn’s entrance:

“Once Robyn entered the family, there was a shakeup, and I don’t know if things were ever settled again.”

Former first wife Meri Brown agreed, admitting that the family was never perfect. However, it was clear that Robyn’s addition magnified the underlying problems, leading to a family dynamic that still remains strained.

The Upcoming Season 18

The upcoming season of Sister Wives promises to delve deeper into the complex relationships of the Brown family. Official previews hint at further investigation into Kody’s preference for Robyn Brown and the impact it has on his other relationships.

Season 18 will not only show the end of Kody’s marriages to Janelle and Meri Brown, but also shed light on how the family copes with these significant changes. In addition, viewers will be able to follow Christine Brown as she embarks on a new independent life in Utah with her new love, David Woolley.

Robyn’s grieved reflections on the changes in the family since her entry offer an emotional undercurrent that promises to provide viewers with a rich, textured storyline. The entire family seems to be grappling with where they stand, and it is sure to make for engaging television.

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