Sister Wives: Janelle Pushed Over Edge By Meri

Sister Wives: Janelle Pushed Over Edge By Meri

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown, whom many find the most stable and sensible, on four wives once had a terrible problem with Meri. While veteran viewers of Sister Wives may remember how Janelle Brown and Meri Brown referred to a time, years ago, when they couldn’t even ride together.

Sister Wives: Janelle Pushed Over Edge By Meri

Janelle Brown is the second wife to join the Sister Wives family. But despite being invited to this wedding, she felt she could do no good in Meri’s eyes. Meri Brown is Kody Brown’s first wife. At the time Janelle Brown spiritually married Kody, Meri was also the only legal wife.

Janelle was married to Meri’s brother. And, uh, Kody Brown’s father ended up marrying Janelle’s mother. So Kody, Meri, and Janelle Brown knew each other well when Kody Brown married this second wife, making them a trio in this Sister Wives plural marriage.

Kody and Janelle had been married for eight years when Janelle threw in the towel. She now had five of her six children. So, she packed up and left. Meri admitted years later that she hadn’t been very cozy with this new wife. Besides, Janelle had Kody Brown’s first child.

It was a big deal. Meri is his first wife, and for Janelle Brown to give Kody Brown his first child, that caused jealousy. Again, Meri admits it a few years later. Sounds like life with Meri Brown was unbearable for Janelle. The second wife of the Sister Wives tribe describes it like this: “Meri and I went from a friendly night to a frosty one.”

Nothing this new Sister Wives co-wife did met Meri’s standards, according to Janelle. From folding Kody Brown’s clothes to storing the dishes, the original Sister Wives matriarch made a fight out of these things because she didn’t do it right in Meri’s eyes.

Apparently Janelle Brown and her co-wife got into a big fight that pushed Kody’s second wife over the edge. She packed up the kids and went to her mom’s house. So he lived with his mother for a while.

Janelle’s career earned her a sizeable paycheck that helped build Kody Brown’s family. But once she was on her own, that money was hers and was no longer owned by the Sister Wives. So, the mother of five children at the time bought her house with her salary money. For over two years Janelle Brown was a single mother and far from plural marriage.

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  1. It is obvious Janelle has the drive and ability to make it on her own. So does Meri. Robyn is dependent on Janelle and Meri financially. And emotionally dependent on Kody. Christine is just a hot mess. She has the same emotional dependency from Kodi. She is financially dependent on Meri and Janelle but I think she was more a nanny for Janelle’s children while Janelle worked. So she made a contribution to the family. But now that all the children are gone, she will fall right into the mooch category. We all know Kody always lived in the house of moochers. Except for the fact that they don’t get along Janelle and Meri could build an empire together. Instead they are helping to buy a million dollar house for Robyn and a half a million dollar house for Christine. Then they get to finance all of Kody flighty, get rich quick schemes.

  2. I wish all the wives would realize that Kody is NO prize….he IS conceited, NARCISSISTIC, greedy, a con artist and all ladies would be so much better on their own. They are smart, beautiful and talented and do not need any man running their lives. Especially him. I think all of the ladies have already proven that by raising all those wonderful children. Live your lives ladies the way YOU want to !!!!

  3. Oh man I totally agree with you!!! I believe EVERYTHING you said is absolutely true and I felt that way since the beginning! If it’s so obvious to you and me then I’m sure others have picked up on it too!

  4. I have never in my life heard of such silliness. Meri and Janelle, should leave Kody. It would have been better if at least he loves them. No love no money. Seriously gals

  5. Jenelle plays the victim but there had to be something more to it besides just Mary being a bully, why did she come back? If she was alone for two years why didn’t she just stay alone, she went back and had another child with him. If I were Meri I would be upset too she could only have one child, Kody tossed her out the door long time ago he’s treated her like shit for years! He’s a narcissistic selfish pig as far as I’m concerned

  6. I am so sick of Kody acting like he is the Lord over those women. He is selfish conceited and everything is about him. If he doesn’t get his way about something he bullies his way into it. He practically threatened Robyn because she wouldn’t sign to buy that house and he wanted it and that was the end of it. He spends all the money on big elaborate homes and then gripes because they’re broke. He bills big expensive homes every time they move and then gripes because he can’t build more. The women would like to settle down for their children’s sake but he is always on the move for something bigger and better only it’s not it’s just more expensive and they have to pay for it. I like the show but I’m getting sick and tired of him

  7. I adore Janelle and Christine. Meri seems to be miserable and Robin makes me sick with her constant whining. These women who depend on the other’s for their lifestyle should not have million dollar houses. Especially when they want to whine about money. Meri is living alone so does she really need to be living in such a lavish home. Robin wanted to act like she was looking out for the other wives but she didn’t need an expensive rental. At least buying a house that expensive will not be throwing money to the wind. If they really want to live on Cuyote pass then make some sacrifices like maybe each buy a house trailer set up to save money so they can build. But I guess they are too good to compromise with him on anything. Janelle is the ONLY one who has a head on her shoulders.

  8. Yeah Kody has MAJOR ADHD!!!!!
    Plus he’s just a jerk.. don’t know what any of them see in him!!!
    But they keep reeling me in to continue watching!:)

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