Sister Wives: Kody Brown and Robyn Brown Have It Out

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and Robyn Brown Have It Out

Sister Wives spoiler finds that we have seen much intensity grow in the family for the new houses and the land on the Coyote Pass. Fans of the show got a bit fed up with the same plot over and over again. Kody Brown has publicly disgraced his wives and his whims are painful to watch.

Robyn Brown has had enough, though. She’s ready to put an end to all the drama and make them all get along. Will that ever happen? Now we’ve got Robyn Brown’s story for you.

Robyn’s had enough of Kody Brown and his possessive ways. On March 29th, she posted on Twitter: “A topic! One topic! One subject Kody Brown! Christine said it right! When Kody Brown fixates on something, EVERY SINGLE CONVERSATION goes towards what he’s fixated on”. The fans were sure that Kody Brown would see it and be offended. He didn’t. He actually said, “Okay Christine, you called me exactly what I am. I was obsessed with every “great idea. Explained perfectly.”

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and Robyn Brown Have It Out

Many fans of the show feel that Kody Brown gets very excited about new projects and new ideas and is obsessed with them. But now he’s gotten to the point where his ego is taking over these ideas. Fans can say that even when he’s fixated on something, he can’t think about anything else. Wives say it’s like that normally, though. For example, in this season’s Sister Wives. All he did was focus on the houses to build on the ground.

Robyn Brown liked her rented house a lot, too. “It was weird, but it was hard to say goodbye to our rented house. We didn’t stay there long, but it was a wonderful house. It was in a wonderful neighborhood and we had wonderful memories.”

Some fans of the show started taking Kody Brown’s side and they think it’s a great idea for everyone to stay in a big house together and get married. Isn’t that the point of sister wives? We’ll see where this season ends and if the family finally decides what kind of house they want.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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  1. I do not understand why on earth they all live in separate houses and still want too. I thought this kind of lifestyle you all live together as one family. This to me seems like a big scam. They still want the income from TLC for a show that they pretend to all “love” each other when on reality it’s four woman living there own life except Robyn the “snob” is married and the other 3 are just single moms. Why do this if your not all in. Meanwhile Kody is living it up having 4 woman to pick from daily. Either live the plural lifestyle or go your own way girls because rite now you just look like fools.

  2. I think kody brown is a little bit of a mechanic person. He really should probably be in some medicine. He always wants to hurry up and move on a deep of a dime. I couldn’t do it. They shouldn’t hand moved from Vegas til all those houses sold.

  3. Oh my God finally it’s off the Tv . Now it’s the same thing on the internet, can we get some peace plz! Cry me a river . who cares where they live they are like leeches, they try to suck u dry. And guess what boring. Just like last season. I would have more fun watching paint DRY!!!!!!

  4. Oh my God finally it’s off the Tv . Now it’s the same thing on the internet, can we get some peace plz! Cry me a river . who cares where they live? Not ME that show has ran its course!

  5. I just want to know how they can afford these huge houses. And with no real job for Kody. Except spend these women’s money.

  6. Kody Brown would not be telling me I had some fixing to do. He needs to look in the mirror and see he has no respect for these women. He’s a control freak and when he don’t have it he wines like a child. Grow up. You just use these women for your pleasure and move on to the next one. You women need to kick him to the curb and stop letting him use all of you.

  7. I still enjoy watching sister wives I have been watching since day 1 all those years ago and I hope TLC brings them back for another season. To the browns don’t listen to the haters. You have many fans out there.

  8. In our house we call Kody ‘PIMP DADDY!’ He’s not accomplished anything in life himself, except he has ‘pimped out wives for money. He’s a pig! He’s abusive, and he emotionally beats up each wife in his own way.

  9. I met kody at a vegas gun show, I thought he was the biggest pos. He wants to make it everything about him, I can see why meri divorced his nasty ass. That lifestyle isn’t healthy at all for them kids. He’s blowing all the ladies money, if he wants something he just does it but if the girls want anything omg big meeting, we have no $$ he’s just a scumbag I hope he goes so broke and the show gets canceled.

  10. I just finished watching every season of Sister Wives On Demand and I enjoyed it, I hope it comes back on I really wish that America would just say what she means and stop holding back. Just say it girl !

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