Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Wife Explained The Lesion Was The Size Of A Dime

Sister Wives: Kody Brown's Wife Explained The Lesion Was The Size Of A Dime

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown revealed her skin cancer diagnosis after undergoing a procedure to remove a lesion from her upper lip.

Kody Brown’s second wife shared in social media on Tuesday that she made “the foray into the world of skin cancer” and posted a photo of a bandage on her upper lip after surgery.

Janelle Brown, revealed she was “surprised” at how common “basal cell carcinoma” is after she thought an upper lip injury was a scar.

The star Sister Wives continued, “It’s come to the only place I’ve had lip herpes for decades. I’m so careful about sunscreen, because I’m so proud, it never occurred to me that it could be skin cancer”.

After trying several scar creams, Janelle Brown noticed “no change” and made an appointment with her dermatologist. But unfortunately her appointment was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Wife Explained The Lesion Was The Size Of A Dime

She continued: “Finally in mid-April they brought their telemedicine online and I saw my doctor through my phone. I did a biopsy a week later and had it removed yesterday. I was worried because I am a big girl when it comes to pain, but it was such a smart thing to do.

“So little discomfort, considering they had to remove a coin-sized lesion from my upper lip. The healing will be minimal, but it will take me a few weeks to heal.” Six-year-old mom said she’s “pissed off” that she waited so long to see a doctor.

She continued, “This skin cancer doesn’t usually spread. But for me it was a wake-up call to really look at my skin.” I thought I was playing it so safe. Lots of sunscreen, keep a good cover in the pool or on the beach, wear hats, etc.

“I’ll be so careful and go to the doctor right away if there’s a next time, because some skin cancers aren’t so forgiving”. Fans have noticed the lesion on Janelle Brown’s upper lip in the most recent season of Sister Wives and in recent photos on Instagram.

One fan wrote on Reddit: “Yes, I’m just concerned about her health. I don’t know anything about moles, but I heard that if it changes it’s a problem”.

One second she commented: “I’m glad you finally checked it out. Her fans have been asking for it for at least a year, if I remember correctly. It looked like a mole, not a scar.” A third one wrote: “I’m glad you finally checked it out and removed it”.

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