Sister Wives: Kody And The Sister Wives Family Is In Financial Trouble

Sister Wives: Kody And The Sister Wives Family Is In Financial Trouble

Sister Wives stars Meri Brown and Christine Brown may soon run into financial difficulties. That is, in addition to what the Brown family already has to deal with. Both Christine and Meri Brown are working on clothing sales for LuLaRoe, a multi-level marketing company that sells clothing to women. However, in recent years Lularoe has found herself under fire from the state of Washington with a lawsuit claiming that the company is an illegal pyramid scheme, and the battle in court is ongoing.

Sister Wives: Meri’s Employer, Lularoe, Hit With Lawsuit

Sister Wives stars Meri and Christine both work together with LuLaRoe, a company that sells clothing aimed at women. Lularoe is a multi-level marketing company, many of which are essentially pyramid schemes.

The state of Washington seems to think the same way, and has sued the company, claiming that it is an illegal pyramid scheme. As reported by The Hollywood Gossip, Washington accuses the company of “primarily rewarding participants in recruiting new participants rather than bona fide retail sales, with the result that a substantial percentage of participants lose money.

Washington has requested that LuLaRoe be issued “a permanent injunction enjoining and restraining [LuLaRoe and its employees from] continuing or engaging in unlawful conduct.

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson said of the company: “LuLaRoe has deceived consumers into buying in its pyramid scheme with false claims of high profits and refunds for unsold merchandise. Instead, many Washingtonians lost money and were left with piles of unsold merchandise and promises broken by LuLaRoe. It is time to hold LuLaRoe responsible for her deception.

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Sister Wives: Kody And The Sister Wives Family İs İn Financial Trouble

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is somehow known for her lack of money management. In fact, Brown is linked to three separate bankruptcies and two dead companies.

Meanwhile, he’s also paying a mortgage on several properties, and is facing the costs of a possible development of his land at Coyote Pass. Collectively, the Browns have settled more than $100,000 in debt through their bankruptcy declarations.

If Meri and Christine were to lose this additional source of income due to LuLaRoe’s legal problems, this could leave the Sisters’ family dry-mouthed amid their continuing financial difficulties.

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  1. If they keep running everytime kody wants something they will fall. He makes bad choices for the family and they all try to please him.Their broke oh well they had it better then most of us and spent it all .. That many kids and they didn’t save for the future they should have .. I dont feel sorry for them .. grow up make better choices and stop complaining after you go blow it .. five adults and not one saved for the future .. meri is manipulative and lies about everything she does . Robin’s acting spoiled and entitled . Christine and Janelle are the constants in it all. They all need to take accountability all the way . Kody he is a pampered Male in it all.

  2. This is Kodys karma and dragging those women down with him he deserves nothing less than to be broke he’s an egotistical ass and I hope he remains broke that’s what he deserves stay away Mary he’s only want what your checkbook had to offer

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