Sister Wives: Meri And The Long Good Bye

Sister Wives: Meri And The Long Good Bye

Sister Wives star Meri Brown could have a feathered litter on the other side of that long goodbye that she has turned with cryptic messages.There’s got to be a reason he seems to be preparing the ground to move away from his Sister Wives family.

Sister Wives: Meri And The Long Good Bye

It has become an important part of the Brown family’s online presence these days. It’s just another Meri saying goodbye to Kody’s post again, but of course a name is never mentioned. Sister Wives’ spouses tend to draw up online directions for what to expect from the coming season.

If the behavior of the Sister Wives matriarch online is an indication, then she has a foot out the door. But where to? Some shrewd Sister Wives watchers believe they know the answer.

It seems some believe Meri Brown just needs her own spinoff show. Now, this is half speculation and half illusion of Meri Brown’s followers. But just think, they might be right.

Before anything else happens, Sister Wives needs to change her worn-out plot big time. The fans are screaming for change for this family. If you were a new fan of this TLC reality TV series, you’d think this is a man with a compulsive need to constantly move his family. If they’re not actually in moving trucks, the adult Sister Wives talk about their next or previous move.

Meri Brown talked about moving out without saying who, what, where, when or why for a long time. The family entrepreneur does it in riddles through her online messages. Lately, she’s added the element of fear. She seems to be approaching this elusive move and she’s afraid to leave.

A show of her own might offer some entertainment value. It would be as easy as taking the Sister Wives and reducing it to size. Something like “Sister Wife No More”. While Meri said she has close relationships within her big polygamous family, she could invite family members close to her to visit her.

Kody Brown could even drop by like he did a few weeks ago while she was selling her garments to her group live online. He came to her home unannounced and seemed quite comfortable with that. Meri Brown didn’t seem to pretend her Sister Wives hubby was doing anything out of the ordinary.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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  1. Glad she was able to buy a nice jacket. She looks great in clothes and if she didn’t ask you for money and could afford it. Go girl make yourself look as nice as you can. You only live once.

  2. I’ve said all along Meri should have her own show. That would cut out a tremendous amount of sister wives funds. They would watch Meri instead of the drama of Kody and those women. People are growing tired of the cryptic messages and the wondering if Robyn is pregnant and also them living so high with all the money problems and last but not least Kody. Meri and Jenell are the only grown ups while Christine just wants Kody to herself and her own home with only her kids and Robyn has had to take out a huge loan that she didnt want to do and probably pumping out more babies. Meri has been conditioned about that way of life and thats why she drags her heels PLUS it makes for good TV, who knows about her contract too? Maybe all or none and then she would be responsible for the family living off welfare. Who else thinks this way?…

  3. Meri needs to leave them all behind Kody’s a jack ass and she deserves a man that Loves her and will take care of her and treat her like a Queen with no drama

  4. Merit.
    Your a strong,beautiful women. Your can and have held your own for a long time
    You deserve to be with someone who only loves you.
    You can do without sister wives. Especially Robyn. She is soooooo false
    You have one life. Live it. ALL THE BEST

  5. Meri yes it’s time to go leave needy Cody alone. He’s going in and out your house when he wants but don’t give you the love to hold your relationship together. Girl change the locks get his name off of everything. . I understand it’s your “religion” but this is has brought you pain and lonely for a love you have to compete which shouldn’t be shared. When Cody told you on an anniversary trip (or something like that) He told you the thought of you being with another man disgusted him and it was wrong/unacceptable. Now…that should have been a cut to your heart. He take you for a weekend trip and go back home to 3 women who he sleeps with at any time he wants. But you all are okay with that? He gets mad he goes to the others house for them to kiss it make it better. No Sweetie until you have the true love of one man and not compete for attention or WAIT your turn for a nod. Robyn is his. True Wife, she came in all crying and I love you my sisters, I’ll have your baby Meri cry cry. but her gold was to be the #1 wife and legal wife and she sucked you into it her children’s dad wasn’t fighting to take them away and the slim chance of him coming for them then was slim, if he was fighting for visiting rights he wasn’t going to come get them at death……and she took it from all of you. I hope you and your other 2 sisters wives have your own standing financially and property, because if. Something happens to Cory and he has no Will. Robyn gets it all. Death changes people she can take everything cause she and her children are the legal heirs to whatever his name is on.
    Meri did the best thing getting your bed and breakfast. City was kissed cause he couldn’t control you buying it. Now once you get a chance buy him and Robyn out, get their names off of your business.
    Get you a show maybe one helping older ladies start and run business that have lived in multiple wife marriage. I know you are an inspiration to many. As long as the emotions of jealousy, 3 or more people can’t have equal love or respect in a marriage. Even your own children don’t want that life, why because they got the front row in house view of how their mom was treated and they aren’t going to do that to their spouse.
    Take care BE Safe All!

  6. Meri is the most passive aggressive, wish-washy depressing entity on the show. She should absolutely leave for the sake of the others and herself.

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