Sister Wives: Meri And The Long Good Bye

Sister Wives: Meri And The Long Good Bye

Sister Wives star Meri Brown could have a feathered litter on the other side of that long goodbye that she has turned with cryptic messages.There’s got to be a reason he seems to be preparing the ground to move away from his Sister Wives family.

Sister Wives: Meri And The Long Good Bye

It has become an important part of the Brown family’s online presence these days. It’s just another Meri saying goodbye to Kody’s post again, but of course a name is never mentioned. Sister Wives’ spouses tend to draw up online directions for what to expect from the coming season.

If the behavior of the Sister Wives matriarch online is an indication, then she has a foot out the door. But where to? Some shrewd Sister Wives watchers believe they know the answer.

It seems some believe Meri Brown just needs her own spinoff show. Now, this is half speculation and half illusion of Meri Brown’s followers. But just think, they might be right.

Before anything else happens, Sister Wives needs to change her worn-out plot big time. The fans are screaming for change for this family. If you were a new fan of this TLC reality TV series, you’d think this is a man with a compulsive need to constantly move his family. If they’re not actually in moving trucks, the adult Sister Wives talk about their next or previous move.

Meri Brown talked about moving out without saying who, what, where, when or why for a long time. The family entrepreneur does it in riddles through her online messages. Lately, she’s added the element of fear. She seems to be approaching this elusive move and she’s afraid to leave.

A show of her own might offer some entertainment value. It would be as easy as taking the Sister Wives and reducing it to size. Something like “Sister Wife No More”. While Meri said she has close relationships within her big polygamous family, she could invite family members close to her to visit her.

Kody Brown could even drop by like he did a few weeks ago while she was selling her garments to her group live online. He came to her home unannounced and seemed quite comfortable with that. Meri Brown didn’t seem to pretend her Sister Wives hubby was doing anything out of the ordinary.


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