Sister Wives: What’s Meri Up to Now?

Sister Wives: What’s Meri Up to Now?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown looks a little desperate for attention these days as some of her fans noticed after getting a look at her last post. With a new season of filming, Kody Brown’s first wife seems to be acting as a one-woman advertising company for Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: What’s Meri Up to Now?

Some fans are disillusioned by Meri Brown’s latest post, where she slams fans of Sister Wives for talking about her eyebrows. Meri posts a picture of him and says she did it because everyone gets bored and makes her eyebrows a topic of conversation.

It’s almost as if Meri has taken the bait of her followers, so that the online conversation intensifies. But once they did, she’s now acting fickle on the subject. It’s kind of sad, but she seems to have forgotten where she came from.

It’s those fans buzzing above her eyebrows that push her name to the front page. These same fans keep the Sister Wives afloat as dedicated viewers. Meri didn’t always wear her eyebrows so dark and thick. They looked pretty normal in the picture below.

Meri continues to play what some fans say are her last days with Kody and the Sister Wives tribe. This long goodbye comes in the form of cryptic messages from her seemingly unhappy wife.

Meri said she wasn’t going anywhere several times when she was interviewed. Despite this, she continues to post these seemingly contradictory messages. But she’s smart enough not to name names. So when it comes down to it, Meri can say she liked these quotes. She could deny that they’re based on the emotions she showed on the screen.

Her most recent posts seem to focus on inspiring quotes from someone starting over in life. In the last few days she’s caused more of a stir on social media. Her latest shared quotes seem to suggest that she is ready to find love again.

But Meri never claims these cryptic messages are about her. She never mentions Kody or her Sister Wives clan. People assume she talks about her real life through these quotes.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. Mari is just saying and doing anything she can think of to keep attention on them so people watch their show and they can keep money coming in for just sitting on their ass. They need to get a real job and actually work for a living like everyone else has to do to pay bills and survive. Jody’s pathetic and lazy and should be working to take care of his kids. It’s pathetic that in this country that they can make the money they have and buying/renting expensive houses and their not held accountable for anything. There’s no way that our taxes go to feed their kids. I don’t see the love of God in these people who say they want to live their lives the way God wants His people to live. Instead it’s what they want to have and do what they want. Their lives are centered around what they want, not God.

  2. U go Meri, l always thought you were smarter than the rest of them, until you were cat fished. U got it going on, B & B, and a new clothing line, you wiil do fine. You look good girl, lost some weight, and wearing make-up. now, got it going on. Good luck with your new adventures.

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