Sister Wives: Janelle Bands With Christine

Sister Wives: Janelle Bands With Christine

Sister Wives’ celeb Janelle Brown admitted to an incident that fans today may find hard to believe because she is anything but mean on screen. This happened years ago, during the first time the four wives found themselves building their homes.

Now that Season 15 of the Sister Wives is filming, they’ll probably have to face that open ground at Coyote Pass. Before this recent land purchase, the last time the family talked about building houses was several years ago. That’s when they built the houses on cul de sac in Las Vegas and things went bad.

Sister Wives: Janelle Bands With Christine

Janelle caused quite a ruckus online among Sister Wives fans during her early years in Las Vegas. This happened when fans learned what was going on behind the scenes while building their homes in Las Vegas.

At the time of the riot, Christine also joined Janelle. The level of pettiness that emerged from these two co-wives-sisters was a surprise to those who follow the Brown family.

The 2012 headlines reported that “Sister Wives Go On Attack” and that the target was Meri Brown. This was at the beginning of the series “Sister Wives”, but viewers were already well aware of the animosity.

Once in Las Vegas, the wives found themselves very close to each other. They all had the opportunity to build their huge house on the land that soon became known as the “Sister Wives cul-de-sac”.

Battle Brings Tears and Pain

Meri Brown, who wanted her fair share of square footage, ended up in tears. It was hard enough seeing Janelle and her cohort Christine having babies after babies. Especially when Meri’s dream of having more children didn’t come true. So, she didn’t feel compelled to settle for a small house because of the size of the family.

Things got bad. In 2012, through a segment of Sister Wives “Tell All”, along with what the family wrote in her book, the story unfolded.

Janelle Brown admitted in one of the episodes that Meri should not have ended up with the house she finally did. She didn’t need to have a house the same size as the other wives. That was Janelle’s position.

Janelle said she was worried about having enough money in the budget to put food on the table for her kids. At the same time, Meri was more concerned about getting a big house she didn’t need.

Christine Brown confessed, too. She shared her confession during “Tell Everyone.” She told Meri that while she was pregnant, she hoped Meri would not get pregnant. The reason: it would take the spotlight off Christine. Sister Wives’ third wife, Christine, went on to say, “I was very mean.”

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  1. I have never really cared for Christine she is ALWAYS wanting Kodys attention when you can clearly see he doesn’t want it. She is what I call a Me person she is only concerned about herself . Then she throws religion into the mix she just comes off FAKE to me the way she sounds everything about her. To even wish another woman to NOT be pregnant bc of attention off her she is SICK in the head. I say instead of Mary going for thearpy should be Christine. ASAP!!!!

  2. Christine is by far the sneakiest, most jealous of all the wives. Also not the prettiest, though she thinks she’s hot and sexy. She tries way too hard to get Kodi’s attention. She also thinks she’s the wisest. She has a way of being condescending to the other wives, especially Meri. She is obviously jealous of Meri and when Kodi or any of the other wives take issue with Meri, she jumps right on the band wagon and revels in it. She fuels the fire backhanded by pretending to care and speak to Meri to try and “help ” her. So transparent. Christine has one agenda…..herself!

  3. Christine did not want Meri to get pregnant because she wanted all attention on her. Yet during her pregnancy Kody dated and married Robyn. What a joke!!!

  4. I don’t like Christine at all! She’s a very jealous hearted woman and is always trying to get the spotlight for kody’s attention ewww.. I don’t feel kody is even attracted to her. I really like Janelle she’s so down-to-earth and she needs to distance herself from Christine, Christine puts her sometimes in a bad light. I like the friendship between Meri and Robin, but Robin needs to stop being so stubborn and acting like a spoiled baby. I think they all need to drop kody except for Christine they deserve one another. He’s egotistical and Christine is the perfect one to stroke him while he basically ignore her and enjoy the benefits of her stroking.

  5. I agree with Jannell. They live a life where everything is shared. It’s ridiculous that Meri wants to live in a Mcmansion to herself while others are cramming a family of 7 or 8 in a 4 bedroom home. They’re stressing about putting food on the table while Meri bragged about her high end food purchases because it was just 1 or 2 people eating off her equal share amount.

    • Sick sick sick. They all deserve what they are going through. Four wives one husband. He is a pig and gets to have his cake and eat it too. They do all this in the name of religion. Far fetched, the bible says one man, one woman will leave their mother and father and join other in marriage and become one flesh. He divorces Meri to Marry Robin to adopt her children. He makes up his own rules and everyone has to abide by them for the sake of the family. Yeah right. we all know thst Robin is his favorite so he used the kids to get his way. Sick, sick , sick. They are all
      Adulterers in sin and need to repent and get their lives in order with God, otherwise they have no place in heaven. Please dont tell me not to judge them. The bible is the one that judges us according to Gods word. He left His word for us to live by it and honor Him. If you have a problem with this post complain to God, He was the one that made the rules. Know the truth and it will set you free.

  6. Meri has always been my favorite I wish she would just pack up and leave that family and find her someone that will love just her you deserve it girl

  7. Meri deserves better, the other wives don’t live her and Kody is so self centered. I started out liking the show but now am just waiting to see Meri leave.
    What heck…everyone in the family acts like Meri doesn’t belong, including her own daughter. Noone cares how Meri felt watching all thise kids be born, taling care of them and not able to have anymore of her own.

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