Sister Wives: Kody and New Season Looking Different?

Sister Wives: Kody and New Season Looking Different?

Sister Wives star, Kody Brown, and his four wives are shooting Season 15, but it looks like this time it’s gonna be different. The reason for that – they needed to do things very differently during the pandemic. From what the spouses of the Sister Wives say, today there is a different aspect of their huge, fragmented family.

Sister Wives: Kody and New Season Looking Different?

Christine Brown confirmed they’ve been shooting for some time. She also explained how they are filming during the home stay program on a national scale. Kody Brown also said that the Sisters Wives family takes this social estrangement seriously. He put the brakes on all the family reunions.

All four of his wives stay in the house with their children. Although he hasn’t said where he’s holed up during this time, the fans have a pretty clear idea.

People from the Sister Wives’ homes in Flagstaff have reported in the past that Kody seems to spend most of his time at Robyn Brown’s house. His motorcycle and car sitting there most of the time seem to be a good clue.

Fans also know that he sees his wives in person. Christine Brown made a great production preparing for a date night with her husband shared by her sister wives not so long ago. Papa Brown also interrupted a live sales launch where Meri Brown was in the middle of her online followers group not long ago.

Kody Brown walked in like it was something he’s used to. Meri Brown gave no indication that his unannounced visit was out of the norm. She seemed pretty comfortable with Kody just barging in. So maybe these kind of scenes are what fans can expect from the new season of Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: Kody, One-on-One?

From what Kody Brown and his Sister Wives ladies have said so far, it sounds like fans can look forward to a lot of one-on-one interaction of Sister Wives between Kody Brown and his wives.

Christine Brown said they’re running it with cameras in the house. They’ve also been filming every other week. With the social distance and the fact that Kody doesn’t get together with all four wives to talk about the scenes from their couch, it will seem strange.

It seemed like they even had cameras around the house recording their daily activities. This is the closest thing to a film crew in a pandemic.

This gives the wives and hubby Kody Brown a chance to play with the cameras. That is, if they chose to. Of course, what the fans have to say when the finished product comes from the TLC editing department.

But it seems that without the Sister Wives bringing the four wives and Kody Brown together, there are still a few options left. Either the wives film alone with their children at home, or the fans get a feel for Kody Brown’s real-life show.

Sister Wives’ viewers don’t see Kody Brown during his evenings at each wife’s house. Perhaps this time fans will see what one of those individual evenings looks like.

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