Sister Wives: Meri Seems To Be Backing Out

Sister Wives: Meri Seems To Be Backing Out

Sister Wives fans have noticed something / Meri Brown hasn’t been involved lately. And what’s more, Kody Brown doesn’t seem to be able to compromise with his wives. The generalizations about what his wives want, coupled with a victimizing attitude, seem to have led to less progress than Brown’s and his plan to have all his wives living under one roof. Now, Brown seems to be frustrated by his polygamous lifestyle and the emotional work that comes with it.

Sister Wives: The One House Debate, Generalizations

As fans of Sister Wives know, Kody Brown’s continued interest in moving all his wives and children under one roof has been a staple for the polygamous family. Christine Brown, for example, is not very enthusiastic about the prospect of having everyone under one roof. She told the producers, “I can’t tell you how good it feels to be in charge of my own domain. Living all together kiboshes intimacy. It just does.”

Meanwhile, Janelle Brown is thrilled with the concept. She explained during the show: “The idea of living together, I think, was so brilliant. And beautiful. It seems like our family isn’t as close as we used to be… And I’m very concerned that if we choose to live in four houses against one, our family culture will continue to drift apart.

Kody became increasingly angry as the conversation about a house floor continued. Meanwhile, he was called by Meri Brown to generalize about his wives among the discussions.

Meri tweeted, “I have to say I can’t speak for all of us, but when Kody says ‘all’ he can’t stand to see him with another woman, he’s very wrong and shouldn’t speak for me. To that, Kody said, “Okay, sorry I ‘generalized’ again. It’s true that sometimes I accuse them of “everybody” doing something that is usually just one wife.”

Sister Wives: Meri Seems To Be Backing Out

With so much turbulence and so many arguments in the Sisters Wives’ family, it seems like a wife has filled up. It looks like Meri Brown is distancing herself from the rest of the family, including Kody.

Many fans have wondered if Meri is preparing to end things with Kody. She was recently seen on Instagram without her Claddagh ring on her finger. What’s more, she hasn’t posted on Kody or the rest of the family recently, and has written many cryptic posts on Instagram about new beginnings and living her better life.

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