Sister Wives: Yes, Kody Really Did This

Sister Wives: Yes, Kody Really Did This

Sister Wives celebrity Kody Brown recently checked the water temperature online, but before he could get in with a toe, it burned. Usually, when he returns to social media after a long break, he is not welcomed with open arms.

His treatment of all his wives during the last season has caused fans to rush in on him when he opened the virtual door. This is particularly true when the diehard Meri Brown fans saw the opportunity. They came swinging out of it.

Sister Wives: Yes, Kody Really Did This

One could give credence to the rumors, if the fans hadn’t seen it all for themselves in last season’s Sister Wives. Kody treated Meri with malice, and in doing so, he was brutal.

Kody gave the fans enough evidence to despise him as Meri’s husband and as a human being. He caught Meri Brown off guard during the scenes at the therapist’s office, reprimanding her relentlessly.

The Sister Wives patriarch just made his marriage to Meri sound terrible. In fact, He basically dismissed his life with her as a wife for the last 30 years. Kody claimed that Meri had lured him into marriage.

Sister Wives: Fury Festered Until Kody Hopped Online

Meri Brown’s followers were furious. Even those who did not find Meri one of their favorite wives on Sister Wives were outraged about this common husband.

Kody has been quiet online practically since the last episode of Sister Wives came out. But suddenly he decided to share with his followers the feeling that he still has something to prove at 52. At the same time, he also posted a quote from a late president and said, “I ask myself: What is the next right move?”

This was a loaded question and Sister Wives’ followers offered many loaded comments. This was one of the first chances for fans to send a message to Kody since the end of Sister Wives’ last season.

Kody opened the flood gates to people who verbally stoned him to uproot his family against the wishes of Sister Wives. Other fans thought his post could be a comedy about Meri’s long goodbye.

Meri Brown writes that he made a move and now it looks like he is too. But that opened the door for Kody to lash out at the way he treated his first spouse of the Sister Wives.

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