Sister Wives: Kody Seems To Be In Dire Financial Straits

Sister Wives: Kody Seems To Be In Dire Financial Straits

Sister Wives fans have seen how the Brown family made a bad decision after a bad decision during the last season of the show. The wrong decision apparently left the family in a precarious financial position. Well, at least most of them seem to be in a precarious financial position.

Kody Brown seems to be one step away from declaring bankruptcy once again, but his first wife, Meri Brown, seems to be doing well. Between a successful bed and breakfast and a job at an MLM that seems to be a pocket-filling occupation, Meri Brown seems to be doing well, at least financially. Fans wonder if that’s why Kody Brown keeps her around, even though he seems to despise her.

Sister Wives: Kody Seems To Be In Dire Financial Straits

The Brown family’s financial problems are no secret. They openly discussed their lack of cash several times during the last season of Sister Wives. It seems that Kody Brown and his wives took a step too far when they fled Las Vegas without selling their four houses. In the months it took to sell their homes in Las Vegas, they bought more properties in Flagstaff and were left behind with taxes.

More recently, Kody Brown broke into a live event that Meri Brown was hosting for Lularoe and requested Meri Brown’s signature on some documents. Although we don’t know what those documents were for, many fans who saw the stream assume that Meri was lending her name for a loan application. It would make sense that Meri Brown was a co-candidate. She’s the Brown family member with the highest income, or at least it looks like she is.

Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown Sticking Around To Keep The Family Afloat Financially?

During the last three seasons of Sister Wives, many of the wives have expressed concern that Meri Brown was leaving the family. The concern was first raised when Meri wanted to buy property in Utah without adding any family members to the deed. Later, several wives expressed concern that Meri would choose to stay in Las Vegas when the family moved to Flagstaff, Arizona.

Of course, fans were a little surprised by the level of concern both Christine Brown and Kody showed regarding Meri’s potential departure. Neither of them seem particularly attached to Meri Brown, and frankly, she seems to make both of them uncomfortable. Fans are now forced to wonder if Meri is being kept around because she offers the family an influx of money they desperately need.

Without Meri’s earnings, the only money they should be counting on is money from the sisters’ wives. Christine no longer seems to be involved in Lularoe and Janelle’s real estate business doesn’t seem to be booming. Kody’s work history is uneven to say the least, and Robyn Brown recently closed her jewelry business. Frankly, Meri Brown seems to be the only Brown to have a job outside of reality television.

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