Sister Wives: Janelle Captures Stay-At-Home Moment

Sister Wives: Janelle Captures Stay-At-Home Moment

The latest post from Sister Wives star Janelle Brown seems to offer an open story as she continues her journey home today. A quick glance at her Sister Wives posts reveals that no one thinks outside the box. Not when the box is stuck on their heads. But it seems Janelle Brown is very busy keeping her family safe and having fun.

Sister Wives: Janelle Captures Stay-At-Home Moment

With Hunter Brown at home after graduating from the Air Force Academy, this brings three of Janelle’s four young men home. Janelle Brown is the mother of the Sister Wives with the most children.

The only missing child of the Sister Wives brothers in the photo is Logan. Gabriel, Garrison, and Hunter make up Janelle’s trio. With Maddie Brown Brush married and living in another state, the only girl at home is Savanah Brown.

Janelle Brown writes in this post “Stay at home kids find creative ways to entertain themselves”. With Hunter sitting in front of the keyboard and his brothers behind him, this could work as a parody for homeschooling. In today’s world, it’s the only kind of education taking place right now across the nation.

Every Picture Tells a Story

Okay, so, what story does Janelle Brown tell with this picture of Sister Wives? The first thing that might come to mind is that kids go crazy at home.

However, they have to get an A+ in creativity for using things in the house. But if you look a little bit deeper into the room, besides the kids, there’s more to this story.

With the number of locks on the door behind Janelle Brown’s kids, it seems like a way out. So, what’s keeping this celebrity Sister Wives by the front door these days? If you look closely, it looks like a bottle of pump-action hand sanitizer, ready to go.

It also looks like Janelle Brown might have scarves, masks or gloves folded near the disinfectant. So, it looks like this six-year-old mom is ready with disinfectant for the family. If you look very closely, there’s charcoal behind the kids. Maybe Janelle’s ready to liven things up with a barbecue for the family.

Then there’s the dog leash hanging on the wall. Looks like this Sister Wives’s mother’s organizational skills also get an A-plus. The leash is right where you want it when it’s time to take out the puppy.

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