Sister Wives: Maddie Brush’s Big Night Out

Sister Wives: Maddie Brush’s Big Night Out

Maddie Brush has been living a very full life since moving to North Carlina in 2019. When her husband Caleb got a new job opportunity, they uprooted their family and made a dramatic life change.

At the time, Maddie Brush was just pregnant with the couple’s second child, Evie K. Her entire family had just moved from Las Vegas to Flagstaff and the Browns seemed to be facing some challenges. Yet, Maddie held her head high and evolved into an amazing woman, wife and mother.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brush’s Big Night Out

When viewers first met Maddie Brush on Sister Wives in 2010, she was just a teenager. Her hair was dark black with a short, sleek bob. She admitted that her ultimate goal was to become a cosmetologist.

As the first daughter of Janelle, Kody Brown’s second wife, she was extremely responsible around the house. At the time there were only three wives, but the idea of bringing Robyn in was just being brought up.

She was one of the oldest daughters who liked Robyn Brown and welcomed her as her father’s fourth wife. Maddie Brush was also the first Brown daughter to marry. In 2016, she had softened her look and fell in love with Caleb. During that summer, the two married and welcomed their first child, Axel, the following year. By 2019, Maddie was pregnant with her second child and was over the moon.

Along with her mother, Janelle, and Christine Brown, Maddie Brush worked very hard. All three of them fostered Plexus, who had just been joined by her sister, Mykleti. Janelle was in North Carolina on a business trip, so she was able to take care of her grandchildren. This allowed Maddie and Caleb to have a date. Maddie posted a photo of the two of them together on Instagram and she has never looked more beautiful.

Written by Ashley Bennett

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