Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Is 18 Weeks Pregnant

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Is 18 Weeks Pregnant

Maddie Brush was not part of the premiere of Sister Wives season 17. She has been active and busy with her own family in North Carolina, far away from the drama with her father and Christine Brown. Maddie has two young children to raise and is currently expecting a third child. It’s back to school season, and Maddie thought it was the perfect time to get her five-year-old son Axel a haircut.

Sister Wives fans can hardly believe that Maddie Brush’s eldest child is five years old. Axel James turned five in May and is getting taller with each passing day. Maddie Brush also frequently shares online how active her little boy is. Like many little boys, Axel seems to have an interest in trucks, drones and other machines.

In many photos, Maddie’s followers can see Axel’s long brown locks fall into his eyes. And so she decided it was time for a haircut. “He looks so grown up,” the Sister Wives star captioned her photos, followed by a series of crying emojis. The mother-to-be of three can hardly believe it.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Is 18 Weeks Pregnant

Even in the midst of all the drama between Kody Brown and Christine Brown, fans of Sister Wives are hoping that Maddie and her family will show up in the new season. Fans love seeing little Axel and Evie on screen. And they can’t wait to hear more updates about her ongoing pregnancy either. Maddie Brush isn’t very far along yet, but she’s shared with her online followers that she’s already showing.

So far, fans aren’t even sure if Maddie Brown is having a baby boy or a baby girl yet. Right now, everyone is anxiously waiting for more news from the TLC star.

Maddie’s half-sister Mykelti Padron is expecting twins at the end of the year, so the extended Brown family is about to get a lot bigger. Although there’s a lot of drama on screen, there’s never a shortage of love for everyone.

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