Sister Wives’ Maddie Brown Brush Reveals Stunning Life Updates – What She and Caleb Are Up to Now

Sister Wives' Maddie Brown Brush Reveals Stunning Life Updates - What She and Caleb Are Up to Now

Despite her husband Caleb’s noticeable absence from social media, Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush continues to share glimpses of their lives together. Earlier this month, Maddie penned a heartfelt Instagram post, expressing gratitude for her marriage. She wrote, “I still feel the connection of our souls, and I thank God every day that he gave me you. We may not be glamorous, but with you by my side, my world is absolute perfection.” The sentiment resonated with fans, garnering thousands of likes and hundreds of supportive comments.

The couple recently attended the wedding of Christine and David Woolley on October 7, turning heads and setting hearts aflutter with their affectionate displays. It’s clear that Maddie and Caleb’s bond is as strong as ever, keeping fans hooked on their journey.

Sister Wives: Maddie’s Career Soars as a Plexus Ambassador & Motherhood

While Maddie may have dropped out of college to marry Caleb, she’s proving that success can be measured in various ways. The reality TV star has followed in her mother’s footsteps as a Plexus ambassador, achieving diamond status within the company—a rank that not only denotes her dedication but also places her among the company’s highest earners. Learn more about Plexus and its ranking system.

In addition to her career achievements, Maddie Brown Brush is also acing the role of a mother. She frequently shares adorable content on her social media platforms, showcasing her children Evie, Axel, and Josephine’s milestones. A recent post revealed how her son Axel is growing increasingly fascinated with biology, prompting Maddie to develop creative ways to nourish his interest.

Notably, Maddie doesn’t just limit her nurturing to her immediate family. She’s extended her home to her siblings as well. Savanah once moved in with Maddie in North Carolina for school, and Ysabel also lived with her stepsister during her college days before transferring to the University of Utah.

Sister Wives: Caleb’s Career Path as an Elevator Mechanic Apprentice

Caleb may be a low-key presence online, but Maddie has kept fans updated about his professional strides. In a Q&A session earlier this year, she disclosed that Caleb is nearing the completion of his apprenticeship as an elevator mechanic. With an average annual salary in this field reported to be around $70,000, it’s evident that he’s also carving out his own successful path.

While Maddie may be the one keeping their fans engaged through regular updates, Caleb’s quiet support appears to be an equally vital ingredient in the family’s overall well-being. The 27-year-old mom continues to upload pictures of Caleb, confirming that their love story is one for the books.

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