Sister Wives: Meri Admitted She Is ‘lonely’ and ‘sad’ After A Trip Without Her Husband Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Meri Admitted She Is 'lonely' and 'sad' After A Trip Without Her Husband Kody Brown

Sister Wives star Meri Brown admitted to being “lonely” and “sad” after visiting her daughter Mariah without her husband Kody Brown.

Meri Brown, confessed on Facebook on Sunday night after years of marital problems with her 51-year-old husband.

She revealed that she was “just a bit joking” about being “alone” after coming home after accompanying her mother and visiting her daughter.

Meri Brown wrote, “This has been a busy and fun weekend, great and now a little sad. I brought my mother home, I think it’s only fair that she also goes into quarantine with some of my sisters, not just with me lol! Besides, Mariah seemed to want her puppy back”.

She kept saying that her house seemed “quiet and lonely” when she came home.

Meri Brown, who works for the LuLaRoe clothing company, said, “But, you know me, I had second thoughts! I’ve already prepared a few batches of crispy rice for her, and I’m picking up her orders to prepare them for shipping tomorrow and Tuesday”.

Meri has also published a photo of participating in Yoga with her daughter Mariah. Her husband, Kody Brown, was not mentioned and was not in sight.

The solo trip comes after years of marital problems for the couple. In April, Meri and Kody Brown ignored their 30th wedding anniversary on social media. Meri Brown expressed her dismay at Instagram.

She shared a quote that read, “Remember to take care of yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup.” She added to the post: “Take care of yourself. I need it today.” Kody Brown divorced Meri Brown, his only legal wife at the time, in 2014 to adopt his fourth and “favorite” wife Robyn, the children of a previous marriage.

Later, Meri was involved in a catfish scandal in which she fell in love with another man on the Internet who ended up becoming a woman. During the last season of Sister Wives, Meri Brown revealed that their marriage was “quite difficult for a while”.

She admitted, “Meri Brown mourns the loss of what we had… I’m sorry for what we had.” Meri added, “The relationship that he and I had, it’s dead, it’s gone, it’s over. I want a relationship with him.”

She continued: “I feel like I’ve been deceived in a very different relationship than I expected. Meri Brown and I had a quick courtship, with a lot of expectations and a lot of lack of communication”.

Kody Brown added: “I didn’t know who I was marrying. As things evolved, I started to be upset and bitter about the situation I was in.

Fans suspect that Kody Brown is in quarantine with 41-year-old Robyn, with whom he shares five children, such as Meri and his second wife Janelle, 50, whom they have not yet posted with him.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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  1. Seriously cannot feel sorry for Mary anymore , she has a separate business economically she’ll be fine, she just needs to grab the bull by the horns and leave and live her own life she needs to fund her happiness because kody straight out told her hes not her Jesus, dear god woman move on

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