Sister Wives: Kody Calls Robyn Brown His ‘love’ But Janelle Brown’s His ‘sweetheart’

Sister Wives: Kody Calls Robyn Brown His ‘love’ But Janelle Brown’s His ‘sweetheart’

The last season of Sister Wives has just ended. And it has deviated a lot from previous shows. Many fans have complained about the constant bickering between Kody Brown and his wives over the giant house he wanted. They had previously shown very happy scenes where everyone got along well. Back then, fans complained that their plot was boring.

So with the switch, fans still found something to complain about. But the season revealed many problems, perhaps more the truth. Instead of loving everyone equally, it seemed that Kody Brown couldn’t make them all happy. While many fans thought Robyn Brown was his favorite, it didn’t really seem that way. In fact, they also experienced some moments of tension. So, she’s really his favorite? Or could it be Janelle Brwon?

Sister Wives: Kody Calls Robyn Brown His ‘love’ But Janelle Brown’s His ‘sweetheart’

TV Show Ace reported in mid-April that a fan asked Janelle what she calls her. On her Twitter, she noticed that Kody Brown calls Robyn “Love.” But, personally, she prefers his term of affection for her: “Sweetheart.” Now, that term of affection sounds pretty good compared to “Love.” Kody Brown once referred to Mariah as “sweetheart” when she was a young teenager. “Sweetheart” might refer to Kody Brown and Janelle sounding more like best friends than lovers. How much easier is it to turn to a friend for support than “love”?

Obviously, over the years, Janelle and Kody Brown have had a romantic relationship. After all, they have produced a number of children. But, Janelle seems like the only wife who really likes the polygamist lifestyle.

In fact, last season, fans saw her raise her hand for them, all living in one house. Meanwhile, Christine Brown rejected the idea, Robyn seemed at her best, lukewarm. And fans noticed that Meri Brown remained quiet, as if she was afraid to say something wrong. The whole season brought Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball on the road to historical digs.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Could Be Kody Brown’s Favorite Wife

Katie Joy explained in a recent video that she went back to reading the book written by the Brown family. It’s called Becoming Sister Wives and was released on Amazon in 2012. She went there after realizing that Kody and Janelle Brown were the only people on the show who have never been in conflict this season.

In fact, Janelle Brown stood by her man the whole time, unlike Christine who came out a winner with her house, but the loser in Kody’s book of good wives, she looked like the loser. While Janelle marked everything around, Katie reminded people that in the book she wasn’t always like that. Janelle and Kody have actually fought a lot in the past.

In fact, when they lived in Wyoming, she only stayed with Kody because she believes that “takes a village” to raise all the children. But the couple seems to be in a very good place these days. In particular, in the last season of Sister Wives, we saw Meri and Kody talking about romance or lack of romance. Also, Robyn Brown seems pretty needy of Kody’s time, as well as Christine. Christine came in as terribly jealous of Kody and the other wives. But Janelle Brown said in the book that she can live without romance and attention. Janelle prefers “intellectual” conversation and “companionship”.

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