Sister Wives: Meri Brown and Friend Laugh Off Claims of Inebriation on Instagram Live

Sister Wives: Meri Brown and Friend Laugh Off Claims of Inebriation on Instagram Live

Sister Wives star Meri Brown and friend Jenn defend their jovial antics on Instagram Live against claims of inebriation.

Fans of TLC’s Sister Wives got a taste of some light-hearted banter on a recent Instagram live session hosted by the show’s star, Meri Brown, and her friend, Jenn. The pair were engaging with fans for their regular Friday With Friends segment when things took a rather amusing turn.

They were spotted giggling uncontrollably and fiddling with the camera, igniting their session with infectious laughter. At one point, Jenn’s phone, which she had on her lap, made a quirky sound whenever she received a text message, leading to even more hilarity.

Jenn amusedly explained the situation to their viewers, saying, “I had the phone on my lap, and every time she texts me, it sounds like I’ve tooted,” further escalating the laughter. Despite their playful antics, they clarified that they “were not drunk”, with Meri jesting, “We’re just dumb.”

Sister Wives: Fans React to Meri Brown’s Newfound Confidence

Meri Brown, 52, has been projecting a different image lately than what Sister Wives fans are familiar with. The change seems to be winning hearts as fans noted her newfound happiness and confidence following her split from ex-husband Kody, 54, earlier this year.

Fan reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, with one stating, “Wow, what a huge change. You look happier and younger. Keep it moving, girl!” Another fan expressed, “You look incredibly happy…and to know the changes you undertook to do just that is special.”

Sister Wives: Meri Brown’s Transformation: From Weight Loss to Solo Getaways

A part of Meri’s noticeable change can be attributed to her significant weight loss, which she showcased during a recent London vacation. She began the trip with a group but spent the last few days exploring the city on her own, embodying her independence.

This vacation as a single woman follows the news of her split from Kody, her husband of over three decades. Her announcement wasn’t the only one; Janelle, 54, another of Kody’s wives, also announced her separation from him. With Christine, 51, leaving him in November 2021, Kody remains married only to Robyn, 44.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

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